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  1. Idiot Idiot Many people have tried to find a way out for a long time now. There isn't really anything anyone can do. If there was, it would have spread like wildfire.
  2. Paying good money, but it has to be 100% flawless Add stolenlogic on Skype.
  3. The loser says "Yes, I did it!" The winner says nothing because he's busy doing it.
  4. Well, I was speaking with my mother about something urgent, then when I finished I paid him... what is the problem?
  5. started at barbarian stronghold, immediately stopped.
  6. Can anyone confirm that the Zybez poster, as well as the other parts of this script are flawless--or close enough?
  7. Add Zybez posting and I'll pay 2x what it's worth
  8. Basically it needs to be able to post an offer on zybez every so 'x' minutes add my Skype if interested: Stolenlogic
  9. But what are we to do with all these resources we have obtained? A Zybez poster would solve all those problems. Something that automatically posts an offer at a time settable by us.
  10. So, you're friends are doing it from their house?
  11. I think it's useless. I have witnessed two instances within the past two weeks. One of the time it was an account only a few hours old. Tut island was completed on it, but seconds or minutes after I started a money making script on it, I watched it get transferred to a world that is not listed on the world list. in seconds, I had logged it out, transferred all the valuables off of it, and did not use it once more for 24 hours. I then logged on it to find it was banned. Yesterday, thinking they are targeting exclusively freshly-made accounts, I made an account a member that I hadn't used since last year, where he was a woodcutter. Same deal. seconds after starting my money-making script he was transferred--I immediately logged him back into a normal world, took the shit off him and did not log back in on him until earlier today, whereas I learned that he is permanently banned.
  12. Name an historical or political consequence monotheism appears to have had on a society in which it has arisen. In answering, be sure to provide evidence for that consequence. It may be helpful to consider how a polytheistic faith in the same environment would have yielded different results. Make sure your essay is framed in terms of an argument, in which you prove your point about how one of the world’s monotheistic faiths caused the consequence in a culture that you claim it did. It must be a consequence that occurred before 1500 AD. Please help!
  13. I guess Jagex is done banning only during certain time zones. For me, in the last few months I think every ban I received was some time between 4 AM - 11:59 AM EST. This was good because I knew what times I could leave the resources on my accs, and what times to remove them. got a ban at like 11 PM EST the other night, so now that all goes right out the window. Anyone else?
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