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  1. @iant06 please respond or i will be forced to post in the script dispute section
  2. this script was fine a few days ago, now it just spazzes out clicking the minimap while smelting cannonballs. and doesn't do anything. fix it asap please or i want my credits back, i just bought this and im supper disappointed..
  3. When doing double astrals, the script wastes a lot of time clicking the booth at (2098, 3920, 0), which is always empty. Would be a pretty significant improvement if you removed this function. Else, script works wonders, I'm about to hit 91 rc!
  4. Confirming pathing is broken, hopefully tribot will fix this soon as it's making this script fairly frustrating to watch run. Still getting stuck in the areas I mentioned. I also started the bot in varrock west bank and it started running towards fally, presumably to the farming patch there. -fally walking is fucked -catherby tp spot to patch is fine -ardy tp spot to patch is screwed -ardy patch to bank is okayish, still the oddclick in the opposite direction but it gets back on track quickly -trollheim path is fine -ecto place to patch is fine -ecto patch to canifis is slightly bugged too,
  5. Pathing is still bugged, so I haven't run the bot to check for trollheim. I remember entering the food although as "salmon" rather than the ID. Maybe that's why I wasn't able to make it go there.
  6. Seems like the webwalking is still iffy
  7. Attempting to use the trollheim patch tells [12:14:19] you are missing item ID 0[12:14:19] no food Also the walk pathing seems off, it doesn't click the path in a fluent manner. Keeps clicking on the spot you just reached on the minimap, causing your character to double take. Not a big deal but the bot's been stuck at fally trying to get to the patch. Also ardy pathing from tp spot to farm patch could be a lot better, atm it runs straight up north past the market till the fence then starts walking towards the patch. Edit: also similar problem in fally, walks past south from the mining guil
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