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  1. Every time I run a script doing using the disable graphics option with LG. The script kinda just stops working after a couple of minutes and it's like the LG mouse doesn't know what to do.
  2. If you could make the script work in this manner I'd easily call this the best script, but the script doesn't seem to utilize zooming at all, script will usually break if the butler is near you (however, butlers in a weird position behind the camera.). The script really only rotates the camera to make sure it can see the doors, might wanna do the same for butler? (These are just small things I've found while using the script, still works fine if properly set up.) This probably only is optimal for oak doors, however would be the way most people level construction.
  3. Honestly, really good for mirror mode. Edit: I'll never enter the client raw on my actual account. My laptop only gets a trash 150k an hour and not consistent, drops to 145k. On my desktop I can easily get a consistent 191-195k It honestly has to be mirror mode which is the bottle neck, because the same happens with the black jack script. The fps looks very similar when comparing laptop to desktop.(Atleast with this script, other scripts can get really bad on my laptop.) I don't know if WiFi is my bottleneck, but I'm legit in the same room with the router. Same world each time, where I get 8-15 ping.
  4. A ban isn't a reason to ask for a refund. Hold the L and move on. I've ran this for like 4-5 hours at times in the past, have not been touched yet for it.
  5. Okay, I'm also getting the "waiting for gpu settings" after a couple minutes of runtime.
  6. Butler stuck. Butler stuck. Butler stuck. Client lags to oblivion. Also when this doesn't happen, I'm only getting 135k xp an hour using oak doors. This is very slow, mostly the interactions with the butler and removing the door. Crazy long delay, anti ban set to 0.01. Maybe it's just me, because I'm using LG. Not sure Edit: Xp rate jumped 180k when I switched to my desktop.
  7. What version of Java are you guys using for waterfox? Edit: it works for like 20-30 seconds, then waterfox just crashes and goes white after hooking. Edit: Got it working, had to use a 32 bit version of PaleMoon.
  8. Oh baby. Is rl+ lg working now ?
  9. This happens alot on larders too, xd. Should just make it summon if you fail to interact after 1-2 attempts.
  10. For Mythical cape you need to add so that it either removes the cape before leaving the house to use the Phials or unnote one less than the amount of maximum empty slots available in your inventory. It crashes once it gets back to the mythical cape and realizes it has to no space to remove the prebuilt one.
  11. Where's the stamina pot support at ?
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