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  1. tri's pest does not work. it gets stuck every other boat run by spam clicking gate or spaz running back n forth just so u know
  2. my internet was out due to a bad storm for 3 days and i got half off my next internet bill... derp
  3. @Tri im having it kill blue drags with a safe spot and like 1 in 3 times after it kills the dragon it will not loot the bones etc. also how does hop worlds when x amount of people work, is it in fight area only or map area?
  4. everytime i hit the button that detects what gear im wearing so the script knows how to gear it just says "toolkit" for every item slot? tried deleteing hooks tried not using lg reloaded a few times etc all does it
  5. @daxmagex newest update causes dialog when killing dog. It tells you its an instanced area
  6. settings: stalls, ardy, cake stall, fight them, lobster, 8, 23. problem: when guard attacks you, you still run away from it despite having the option fight them active NOT run away @Druid
  7. you can sell it to legit gold selling sites for .95/m.... the one i use pays instantly via pp
  8. @daxmagex falconry no longer works deleted the hooks and bot just wonders around looking for the guy to get the falcon from. update broke it i assume if you need an account to test with pm me. npc id for falcon guy is: null (356942572) Matthias
  9. iron dagger p++ do witches house and just posion each boss and wait it out that should get you to 25 then do pc from there. im sure theres another good hp quest but idk it
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