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  1. So again even tho you pay for these "lifetime" scripts (which basically means LIFETIME) you don't actually get them for lifetime? So if they're discontinued (basically paying and then they say ah fuck it dont want it and keep your money) surely you should be refunded? OSBOT still has my "lifetime" scripts from 2015. But TriBot remove them? Even after paying all that money?
  2. Funny that all my lifetime ones are now gone from the Resp
  3. Oh shit, so even tho i bought over 100$ worth of lifetime scripts they've now all been removed and i wont get access to that? that's some pure bs right there
  4. No scripts are showing on my Bot at all, Got a fair few active but literally non are showing Help please?
  5. Dont think itll have an effect tbh. What they gonna do "this person didnt thumbs up or down so they must be a bot". Think it's just an opinionated poll to see how people are enjoying the game
  6. Lost my purchased scripts from about a year ago, these include, Zulrah script, Assume Staker, Mute slayer, Sigma magic and a lot more. Log onto my account and find none of them purchased and even on the client 0 scripts in the "start script" section?
  7. Could you assist me with not dying/setting up better @Worthy, i used to run this script a lot. Perfect, ran perfectly fine. Now i can't mass up a single kill without dying 5-8 times in the process.
  8. The bot right now, is flawed. Dies a lot, messes up a lot.. Haven't gotten a successful kill using the bot but when i do it myself i can get kills pretty easily. I think it's because of the new blue form. Any ideas Worthy? Would love for this script to work successfully.
  9. Logged on, got a monkies task. Level 1 slayer it ran to the bank, checked the gem and ended script? Is it because i don't have the "following items" i haven't done lost city yet.
  10. Bot stood in the bank withrdrawing tuna and depositing for Waterfall quest. What a waste.
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