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  1. Profile of user: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/341471-cognizant/ Date: 8/14/2016 Feedback left: Accidentally left a negative feedback Why should it be removed: Our transaction completed with no problems Thank you!
  2. Click on "Buy gold" = "Buy gold from us at $1.20 per mil" Click on "Sell gold" = "Sorry, we are full on stock"
  3. They are not buying gold, only selling it ATM.
  4. Just sold him 200m, and he whispered me from rekface on scythe.
  5. Rishal

    jagex staff

    I really doubt that whole "every perma ban is manually done". I believe that if your IP is flagged at least once, perma bans are fully automatic. I don't think they work weekends. Monday and Tuesday are the highest ban rate times, as they just get back to the office.
  6. Just cannon 1-40 takes like 20 minutes at rock crabs
  7. It's like 70k cost per 6 hour session if you buy air runes from the store (7800 x 2 x 4.3) so not too bad. Mind runes are very cheap now compared to before rune packs, they went from 18 ea to 5 ea overnight.
  8. The reason people afk with mind runes is that it's extremely cheap experience, it's not super fast. Think about how much money you'd lose from stringing amulets or from bursting and compare that to splashing.
  9. Ever since bounty hunter came out bloods have risen about 100 ea in price. It used to be decently cost efficient to afk with bloods, but it's not anymore. Base of fire bolt is 22.5 exp, so ~176k a night.
  10. It's basically 1300 casts an hour. I think the base exp of fire wave is 42.5, so it'd be like ~55k an hour, ~330k a night.
  11. You need at least: 30 ranged and 30 defense OR 40 ranged If it's for a pure the 40 ranged levels won't add cb if your mage is higher than it.
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