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  1. madknight

    buying 6m

    buying 6m 14.40$ paypal post skype below
  2. bought 12.5m , fast,friendly thanks buddy !!
  3. the script is very good, but the ban rate there is kinda impressive.
  4. failed to solve random combat event logging out, out of supplies. lost 15m , theres nothing else written. and also as i said, it keeps running everywhere for no reason im in varrock bank and it always runs out of the bank. YES i am only using 1 bot, YES i re-loaded tribot and YES for everything else you will ask me to do. theres a bug deal with it your script isnt perfect mate
  5. your script is the only one which stop when it comes to this random event.. how come its not responsable lol
  6. 2 problems that need to be fixed: 1) logs out when this random event appears: the logs just say ''no more items'' and then logs out.. but its just that it didnt finish the random event. 2) keep walking everywhere when alching.. if im alching in varrock bank, it will runs to anvil for no reason and alch there... not good for antibans. thanks :$
  7. well, just realized , the bot was checking items i had on my other botting acc.. Restarted the client and used 1 tab for it , now works thanks for the amazing fast support damn
  8. why cant we use more than 1 bot now? well cant even use one bot anymore.. im running 0 bots and it says that i am already running too many auths in this instance..
  9. never had this problem.. anyways this bot got me full void in 2 days thanks!
  10. Bot has been running for hours.... Reports: 1) Very slow on clicking npc & portals. 2) Get stuck at doors for a good 1-2mins everything else work, it does 40pts/hr @ intermediate overall im very satisfied tbh.
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