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  1. used this bot for about 2 hours and was banned for good, i would watch out. I just made my account, did waterfall quest by hand and then I had this running for 2 hours to come back from dinner and see my account was banned.



    I had just bought membership when i made the account so it was p2p too, I wouldn't use this again. 

    the script is very good, but the ban rate there is kinda impressive.

  2. If it failed to solve a random event, then that is the clients issue. You should report it here: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/163-client-bugs/


    When I run the script, it does not run anywhere. I will look over the alchemy tasks to make sure that there is no flaws that would make it walk places.

    theres obviously a flaw that makes it moves everywhere. happens to me every 30mins

  3. Thank you for the detailed bug report. I'll be sure to fix the issue once I know what it is.

    failed to solve random combat event

    logging out, out of supplies.


    lost 15m , theres nothing else written.


    and also as i said, it keeps running everywhere for no reason


    im in varrock bank and it always runs out of the bank. YES i am only using 1 bot, YES i re-loaded tribot and YES for everything else you will ask me to do. theres a bug deal with it your script isnt perfect mate

  4. 2 problems that need to be fixed:


    1) logs out when this random event appears: Odd.png


    the logs just say ''no more items'' and then logs out.. but its just that it didnt finish the random event.


    2) keep walking everywhere when alching.. if im alching in varrock bank, it will runs to anvil for no reason and alch there... not good for antibans.


    thanks :$

  5. I've made a few changes that would speed up the attacking of the script. I'm looking at other ways i can speed up the script and make the walking more efficient. I been more focused on trying to figure out why some people are having the clicking out of map error. I find a few possibilities but i'm not sure. thats why i need their bot debug and status but no ones given it to me yet. I'm glad the script works for most of the people though

    never had this problem.. anyways this bot got me full void in 2 days :D thanks!

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