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  1. How many hours per day and how long each session are you guys botting for? just curious..
  2. I have also got the poll booth problem a few times. Also it might be because the patch but when I try to start the bot it just says in the client debug window Starting PlayerSearch thread. and doesnt do anything.
  3. Same problem but im trying to build in "Chair space" and "Crude wooden chair" Literally 5 minutes after posting this the tribot client was updated and the script works fine. the script not working must've been related to the other client issues.
  4. other scripts are broken too, seems like the latest tribot update has trouble detecting equipment.
  5. It just keeps withdrawing a glory, equipping it, then trys to withdraw another, equips it and repeats the process of withdrawing and equipping, anyone else get this? Using LG.
  6. Download proxycap, setup your proxy info in the proxies section using your socks server IP, port, user and pw, make a new rule using a specific program in my case osbuddy.exe (make sure its not the java version and the actual executable, you can download it directly from their website) make the rule action as redirect through proxy and select the proxy you made in the proxies section, make sure udp and tcp are ticked. click okay. right click on desktop quickicon and enable proxycap. to test if its working right click on the quickicon again and select status and logs and a window will pop out, now when you open osbuddy.exe it will show the list of ips and the proxy it is running data through. note if the proxyserver was to go offline you will be disconnected from the game and be unable to log back in (osbuddy cant connect to anything if the proxy is offline) and/or if you try to start the client with the wrong proxy info or the proxy server is offline it will not open. is this the result you want?
  7. Sometimes it fails to loot the armour set on the ground and the script crashes. earning the tokens requires baby sitting and constant restarting of the script when this occurs. besides that it works great.
  8. when i try to do dwarf cannon it just opens my combat menu and does nothing else. (it was working a few days ago on another account) not sure what I did or if they changed something.
  9. make a tithe minigame bot, farming xp without all the hassle of getting the growth timers etc
  10. I would also pay for this script, farming being the only skills without a good and reliable bot to train with.
  11. The autumn garden is failing about %50 of the time. I cleared the cache for it to try reload the npcs multiple times with the results being the same fail rate. I am still happy with the bot and dont regret my purchase with this fail rate, just curious if this is the normal rate or if I have done something wrong, thanks.
  12. Hey, I'm having an issue were if I level up and im left with only 1 dragon bone in my inventory, it doesnt click it or use it on the altar. resulting in the bot logging out after 5 minutes of no altar. (I have tested it multiple times and after multiple level ups, if you happen to only have 1 bone left it always gets stuck. anyone else encounter this issue? If this issue is fixed I'd love to purchase the bot and continue to 99 prayer. thanks for your work so far.
  13. I searched the old thread and came up with this. The old script was removed due to a runescape update which changed the way path finding worked, the old script was built upon this system which basically broke the entire code. the only fix was to rewrite from the ground up, and a script like this takes a lot of time to make. if you have bugs write where and what happened with logs and try too reproduce it if possible, any info you give mute will speed up the creation and improve the stability of the script.
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