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  1. Thanks for your response, currently we are not looking for boosters. But we might in a couple of weeks, please add us on Skype (proplaysboosting) so we can contact you in a couple of weeks, to get you started. I want to reply to your comment about our boosters though. First and foremost, currently our two boosters are Diamond IV and V. Which proves the point that they can consistently boost people up untill low Platinum. Next, I know them in real life, thus they are fully reliable and there's no risk that they'll scam the company or any customers. On average they have 80% - 90% winrate, which is not trumendous and a Diamond 1 player might be able to do a better job, but it ain't bad neither. About the cs, generally 10 cs per minute is considered being good, although if you haven't watched the game, you can't judge them on their csing abilities. In your match history you too have games of 25 minutes with only 150 and 190 cs. A lot of the games were actually 20 minute surrender, which might explain some of the low cs counts. To conclude Are our boosters the best players in the world, can they compete with LCS players and do they never miss a cs? NO Are our boosters thrustworthy and is there garuantee you won't get scammed? YES Do our boosters belong in the top 5% of all League of Legends players and can they consistently acquier Platinum V with a winrate of 80% and above? YES
  2. Just completed a new order, so we're open for new orders. Due to the small queue we can boost very quickly. Contact us on skype (proplaysboosting):
  3. Queue is extremely short today. So when ordering today we can allready complete your order tomorrow. Some proof:
  4. No, all our replays can be watched on a special link which we'll give you. This link is not public, nor will we ever stream or make video's about the boosting of one's account public. As you can read above, we only boost till Platinum V, which is something our boosters can easily reach in a couple of days. Also our boosters are still climbing in the ranks, once they've reached Diamond I, we might also offer boosting up untill Diamond V.
  5. Hi, we'll be giving out 1 free vouch for two games in bronze, silver or gold to the first respected forum member who contacts us on skype (proplaysboosting) Problems viewing the salespage? http://proplays.hol.es/
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