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smelly hunt

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  1. 1 post? why on earth would someone else go first?
  2. You might get some business if your prices weren't so ridiculous
  3. smelly hunt


    First post is offering a service for money. seems legit.
  4. Asking for a tribot PM always helps add another layer of assurance. If both of those are compromised then I think its 100% the sellers negligence
  5. If its python its normally homework, pm me and let me know what it is I can probably help you out
  6. If I wasn't so swamped with university work I'd give this a go, going to be swamped for another year though im afraid!
  7. @idc how many bonds you looking at buying? if you're buying larger amounts or a repeat order I can do cheaper
  8. smelly hunt

    Selling 10m 07

    @blindsniper its not a lie, there are loads of gold sellers buying for 2/2.1 ? I buy for 2.3 any amount, but i was mainly getting at the fact the sellers sell at 2.5 quite commonly I'm just suggesting that his offer of 2.9 is unlikely
  9. smelly hunt

    Selling 10m 07

    I can buy at 2.3, you can buy from major rep gold sellers at 2.5 at the moment, and they buy for 2/2.1
  10. smelly hunt

    VIP for gp

    if not i'll buy 3m off you for $ which you can then buy VIP with add me on skype if you want, did this for a guy yesterday
  11. I can buy your 3m so you can buy VIP ?
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