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  1. looking glass isnt a guarentee. years ago i used to bot without it for days without bans i just got into botting again recently i used looking glass and was banned within 20 minutes its luck
  2. i need monkey madness plus the 2 subquests done for me , i will be paying in 07gp (offer me) i have 82 mage 50 attk 86 str 1 def 13 pray 48 ranged if anyone can do it for me send me a pm we can discuss a price ! thanks
  3. completed dt for me, legit i vouch this guy he is trusted and i paid first.
  4. agreed with post above, ive been banned doing brakes and i have accounts ive botted at crabs to 99 str and havnt got banned, its all luck and timing. but for example i do 3 hours and like 45 min - 1 hour off depends where im botting
  5. script wont run for me, i try to run it and it pops up for 2 seconds then jus closes, i try to re run the script restart tribot ect, but the same thing happends
  6. easygoldstop is doing it for me, thanks anyways guys
  7. i have all the items needed for the quest in the inventory, im 11 prayer, if anyone can do this for me pm me, i will be paying with osgp , thanks edit stats: 50 attk 65 str 11 pray 42 ranged 63 mage 1 def
  8. im 80 wc and currently getn around 90-95 logs per hour for magics
  9. clearly not i have many other prem scripts never had a problem with any running 30-60+ hours straight without breaks except this script, the max its ever stayed on for me was like 2 hrs and most of the time it jus stands there and does nothing
  10. sure dont answer me.. good customer service. lol. wish i never paid 20$ for this piece of junk i cud have used free ones better then this.
  11. anyway i can get a refund for this.. i try to use it looked so much easier in pics and the way u explained it.. i cant figure out this god dam preset i leave it for like 45 mins not even and it jus stops and stands there for like 2 hours and i follow the guide how to use it and asked others for help and it jus stands there i probably got reported 4000 times because im standing there until my acc logs out i think u deleted me off skype because i cant find u .. anyways.. yea this is kinda not what i expected for 20$
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