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  1. Im just gonna put this as a PSA, this script isnt worth buying, unfortunately the world hopper breaks after every update and it takes far too long to be fixed 3+ days generally. Even if that wasnt an issue the profit calculator is broken as it doesnt subtract losses if you die, which happens very frequently and even dies to the lava dragons themselves lol.
  2. it doesnt detect when you ring of life so runs back looking for pouches, for me it then proceeds to die about half of the time so you actually do have go get pouches glory, etc. maybe make it check for pouches and glory and if rol is still equipt on rol to prevent this? @erickho123
  3. progressive mode didnt upgrade my axe when it was equipt and shift dropping is buggy, sometimes it uses one log on another then goes through that process for the rest of inv
  4. please add option to drop silk at ardy stall with shift drop, I removed it from loot list so it doesnt bank but it right click drops slow asf
  5. Yeah west bank banking is a bit odd and slow asf, lol even went over the fally wall and down past makeover mage? xD @laniax It manages to click into the east bank and then right as it comes up beside it it decides to go to west bank?
  6. will give it a test for you been running it from an hour from lvl 15 rc, only fault is that it doesnt quite click outside of the duel arena nad always runs here first, clicks right on the fenceline and it just defaults in
  7. Script frittered out when it got kicked from trawler due to inactivity and was stuck by where u end up when kicked spam clicking. Then when i manually walked it back it started spam clicking outside of boat and wouldnt get back on. also didnt detect when i got one of angler pieces, think it was boots.
  8. Getting stuck on attempting to fish, restarted client 5 times and let it get to login screen and deleted hooks, anything else i can do? trying to barb fish at quin
  9. Doesnt subtract anything from profit when you die lke it should @Usa
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