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  1. mrsoftcore

    Quest service

    is there anyone out there selling a ''quest'' service? for cheap cash?
  2. this script works flawless, you only need to try out some things. and learn how to use it. you even got a free trial to test setups. but all in all i can leave this script running for 10-12 hours with breakhandler, without any problems at all. just read the goddamn first page about items etc
  3. gl mine got banned at 76 str
  4. Got told to repost this, so here it goes: bought 7 credits in august and didnt recieve them. been trying to contact admins/mods for help and what to do. because i can only run 1 account at a time.. i got pictures and all information about the transaction, so i can show u that it didnt get refunded. @TRiLeZ
  5. really no help? after pming all of the mobs? even making posts about this? feels like im beeing ignored, i know its only 7 credits but its just a principle, that it should work.
  6. hello, i bought 7 credits in august and didnt recieve them, neither did i get refunded back to my paypal. i got receipt on my paypal that it went through. already tried to contact admins about it. @TRiLeZ
  7. is it possible to use magic at steel/iron dragons? and the bot banking and goes back etc?
  8. be careful bois, just lost bank because of dc. GG 200m
  9. got problems with finishing a kill on gargoyle's, trying to use the axe on a mob with full health, not the one beeing attacked
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