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  1. Loving the script still. one issue though. Sometimes it will go to hover over a skill such as mining and open the interface. and sit there forever.
  2. yaw the shrine problem is the anti ban i beleive + didnt equip mith gloves had to do it manually ( even tried attacking dragon a few times p.s top script btw seems like you put the effort in
  3. ^ this. And plus rune mining is worth paying extra for. We already got this good script for cheap...
  4. Fuck a Lambo, I want the General Lee!

  5. People who compete train 4-6 hours a day therefore voiding the need for a stringent diet. gf
  6. This script is pure awesome. Heres a good proggy the account was only 65 mining. Script is fast and flawless. It would have run forever but i stopped it.
  7. This script is +10/10. To anyone having thoughts about purchasing it, i highly recommend it. Will be back later with progies. Oh and aropupu is very helping just don't come at him with noob questions xD i recommend reading the whole original post first.
  8. i wasnt watching so i didnt see how the bot reacted but the pickaxe head was broken when i came back. I was mining in the mining guild, and coal. Ps, going to be purchasing when you respond.
  9. My bot in the bottom says that it found one but it didnt even loot it... 258 hops gf i dont remmeber world..
  10. Does anyone think this is safe to run on a main? or is it not up to that yet?
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