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  1. Hi Encoded, I know it is very little info and not much to work with. But that is why I wrote that I think its your script, because im not sure. I do have watched the bot but it is not noticeable different... I didn't expect you to be able to fix it easily but maybe you knew more than me
  2. Hey love the update on trawler and minnows. But the minnows fishing is really variable in catch rate, I think that its due to your script. One time i got 545 sharks an hour over a period of 8 hours, but most of the time only 400+- an hour.
  3. Works! Autostart was already of, but when i hand picked world 318 it worked! Thank you very much
  4. Hello, I suddenly got this weird error, tribot clientstarter gets stuck at downloading the jar file. The most notable thing is that when i start a clientstarter with a proxy, it does load without any problem. I checked the firewall settings and everything in their is on always allow. Java JRE 1.8.0_111 (I think this is not the problem) Heapsize 256 OSRS Happend 10:10 Windows 10 No looking glass TRiBot Version: TRiBot Release 9.304_3 Hope to hear from you!
  5. Hi, I do not know how to code but can contribute ideas: - Activate quick prayer when going in the game - Notice which portal is coming up and attack accordingly. It does not seem to attack portals at all at this point, just pests.
  6. There's a Runescape update every thursday so you have to restart your bot at least once a week
  7. Yes the bot itself is working fine, it is the client starter function that does not work on linux unfortunately, hard to start 10+ clients by hand lol
  8. Yup that's executable. I get tribot running fine, I just need the client starter to work as well.
  9. which file? Ive been going through the dirs making them executable but to no avail
  10. Hello, Is anyone succesfully using client starter on linux ? I have tested it on ubuntu 16 now but I cannot get it to work. Would it work on CentOs?
  11. Any update on this? Looking into Linux for my bots but this last hurdle is preventing me
  12. @dragon.knight12377 Thx man What are the advantages of Looking Glass? Is it as efficient as the normal clients? Im setting up a bot farm once again and I really like to run as low on cpu as possible A few banns are no problem to me as I have plenty of fresh accounts. I don't think this is the right place to talk about this but was really interested.
  13. Oke.... I tried reinstalling java. Deleting tribot. And now i figured its the human like client loading option! Thx for helping me think
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