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  1. Very easy to get banned with it as well, it's old and overused. Needs an Update
  2. Got banned 10 mins into using this. They really went hard on this. Please remove if outdated
  3. These paid scripts are no longer working for me, my mouse just hovers after I start thier GUI? I'm not VIP, but I bought these. Please help thank you. I tried, but ended up wasting an hour trying to get any of them to run. I bought these last year. Lastest version of tribot, java 8 25 36136 Tri Experiments Fighter Tri 10 Credits Auths 1 Tue, 16 Sep 2014 05:05:47 +0000 COMPLETED 36074 ExFarm AIO Farmer erickho123 24.99 Credits Auths 1 Mon, 15 Sep 2014 04:20:56 +0000 COMPLETED 35267 NEW ftwAIO Fisher NewBotterFTW 12 Credits Auths 1 Tue, 02 Sep 2014 05:48:36 +0000 COMPLETED 35168 Master Thiever AIO Druid 7.95 Credits Auths 1 Mon, 01 Sep 2014
  4. Hope so, The bot has been freezeing often, it would just stand there and the text on the gui loops in between banking and walking to spot really fast.
  5. start->cmd /ipconfig release /ipconfig renew
  6. I made the mistake of double ip botting, don't do it. You will just get chain banned. I had this exact same problem. Bot smart dude, it's not rs 2011
  7. You are so helpful, good job.
  8. No offense dude, but this sounds absolutely dumb.
  9. concaves

    2 day ban

    I already lost 4 account to pemra bans, this isn't 2009-2012 where you could bot 24/7.
  10. Yeah I guess you guys are right, I'll bot 6 hours only until the account is older.
  11. used that as a guide. Didn't help me, so it think it's either the client or the age of the account(not account holder).
  12. The most recent one was right after the update, I logged it and turned on the only script that worked at the time. Which was the AIOcowkiller. I used that for 5 minutes and then got banned. Then before that was an account which I got to 68 fishing with ftwAIOfisher, which also got banned after midnight on the 2nd day.
  13. Why? I've been banned 4 times all member accounts, each on different ip's. I've made an account, subbed, and been banned the same day. I'm taking breaks and using paid scripts. The only thing I have left to blame is the client, jadex can detect it for sure. edit: Worst of all is that I tried so hard not to get banned, I only ran one bot, while also in a popular clanchat babysitting it and talking every 3-4 hours. edit: Did i mention these where all perma bans?
  14. My cow killer is doing just fine thank you, it's having a hard time clicking but it's doing the job.
  15. Is this like linux, and can I still have my windows7 on my harddrive when I want to boot with it?
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