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  1. I've honestly never heard of deleting the cache to help out, but I figured I'm at the point to where my IP is definitely flagged. I'll delete the cache and look into getting a vpn I guess. It was a free script, that's why I wondered if it wasn't that. I remember a couple of years ago I could bot for 2-3 days straight and not have to worry about a ban, but anymore I'm getting my ass kicked even if I try using an auto-walker for 15 minutes. I appreciate it man! I guess sometimes you have to learn the hard way, haha. As far as I know VPN's cost money, so I'll have to put botting on the backburner until I have some spare cash.
  2. It's been about a year since I botted last because I got so frustrated with how literally every account I botted on got banned within a matter of hours. I probably had 6-8 accounts banned altogether, all from botting. Anyway, I decided to try to get into botting again here recently, and used a simple autowalker script for about 15 minutes just to find out I got banned an hour later. Is it because of how many accounts have been banned on my IP? I know the bot didn't get stuck or do anything suspicious because I watched it the whole time, which also rules out anyone reporting me because I used the autowalker in very low population areas of the map. So it's either the script, or the amount of accounts banned on my IP. Do you guys think I need to get a VPN to start botting, or is Jagex's detection just that good now?
  3. I personally only know of one bot that has a very low detection rate. I'm pretty sure site rules won't let me say the name of it, but considering that there were 4+ bots that were undetectable at one point, detection must be super advanced now.
  4. This. It's a matter of when, not if. You WILL get caught eventually, it just depends on when jagex will catch it anymore.
  5. That seems to be the case. All that's helped so far is time. Although I hit the gym today while I was still sore, and it actually helped significantly with the soreness and cramps, as counter-intuitive as that sounds.
  6. Don't know if you guys have heard of DOMS, but it's where you experience muscle cramps 24-48 hours after exercise. Unfortunately, I have it, and it's so bad I can barely put a shirt on in the morning, let alone put a seat belt on in my car. Anyway, massaging, hot tub, ice packs, nothing has worked. Any suggestions?
  7. I would love you forever if you made a simple rock crab script. Really no food is needed, the biggest thing is to make sure and steer clear of the hobgoblin in that area.
  8. Already changed the settings to dynamic, sadly my IP is the same still Are there any guides on the forums on how to set up botting with proxies? Well, shit. I guess proxies it is.
  9. I'm currently in college using university wifi, but I go home on the weekends and bot as well on my laptop. Only problem is, the IP at my parents house is static, and I've had 3 account bans over a very short amount of time. I've heard the only way to change a static IP is to call the ISP and ask for it, but I don't pay the bill for internet so I'm pretty sure I couldn't even do that. Let alone I can't think of a good reason to ask them to change it. tl;dr Is it even possible to change a static IP without calling my ISP?
  10. Reflection is too obvious anymore, and banrates with bots like tribot have gotten out of control. I don't have the time or money to deal with VPN's, but I would if I could. I'm on University wifi because I live in dorms, so the IP thing is out of the window
  11. I personally have tried everything. First I tried legit training for like an hour then botting for 3 hours. That got me banned. So then I started another account and did nothing but bot for only like 3 hours a day. Still. Got. Banned. I have literally exhausted all my options, and done EVERYTHING that has been suggested on this site. Nothing has worked, and I've had 3 accounts banned in 2 days. Obviously Jagex's detection has gotten god-tier, or all of these scripts suck hard. Unless tribot switches to color and not reflection, I think there's little to nothing that you can do about banrates.
  12. It was slow for me, but it might just be my shitty internet, haha
  13. A good rock crab script would be wonderful. The regular combat AIO premium script has issues with it because rock crabs don't show up on your minimap.
  14. I'm not contradicting anything. Yes, I said they are well made scripts, compared to what I have used before. Apparently, they're not good enough. I shouldn't have to spell it out to you elmo style, but I will, I'm talking about ban rates. I have some pretty specific evidence. Babysitting a bot for three hours while it trained AND STILL GETTING BANNED. If I'm paying out the ass for scripts, I would at least like to bot for three hours without getting banned.
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