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  1. Not even a remotely useful comment. Most people use this script very successfully and the script's antiban is as optimised as I feel it is possible to make it - I pump out an anti-profiling related update every week at a minimum. A lot of luck comes into botting and you got unlucky. In other, more useful, news... Pushed Patch V3.36: - Cannon placement and reloading should now be considerably more reliable - Should no longer loot the single fire rune spawns on Black Demon tasks when using Ironman mode (or anything very low value) - Will now shutdown more elegantly
  2. It definitely shouldn't be looting those fire runes - I'll get that sorted It will skip the Elves task because as an Ironman, you can't realistically get the "Teleport to Iorwerth Camp" scroll, which is where the script does Elf tasks. Non-ironman accounts will do this task by buying a scroll.
  3. Pushed Patch V3.34, a stability patch: - Improved Smoke Devil task completion logic/positioning - Will now skip Turoth and Kurask tasks if you do not have the Attack/Ranged requirements for your chosen Turoth/Kurask task weapon (e.g. 50 Attack required for the Leaf Bladed Sword) - Improved ring/amulet teleporting speed when a task has ended - Fixed safespot finding for Smoke Devil tasks - Will no longer ever attempt to bank at the Cooking Guild - Generalised anti-profiling changes - Multiple other small-scale bugfixes Edit: Also pushed V3.35: - Fixed an issue with pl
  4. Your Slayer helmet needs to be equipped, not just in your inventory. There's a fix coming for the Cooking Guild issue in the next patch, which will be out tomorrow. As for the Ring of Wealth, the script is designed to be as fast as possible with teleports - so it makes more sense for it to teleport to the GE than walk, as it saves about 30 seconds. The cost of a RoW teleport is very small.
  5. Did you start in your desired bank? I'll check it out, been trying to get to the bottom of this - has this happened today? I released a huge update earlier on that tried to sort this
  6. Pushed Patch V3.31, a major stability patch including multiple large method reworks: New Stuff: - NEW: Added support for Smoke Devil tasks (93 Slayer) - NEW: Added Imageless Paint Mode for those of you who wish to reduce CPU and RAM overheads - NEW: Combat wait times are now task-specific and designed based on the % chance of a drop after a kill - this should improve the human-like aspect of the combat system - NEW: Humanised combat selection - should make more intelligent combat decisions with regards to what the other players around us are doing - NEW: "Reduced CPU mode" re-wr
  7. Yeah, sorry, the script will be broken for around 15 more minutes, but a big patch is coming Edit: Should be up and running now, let me know if there are any issues
  8. Most likely due to a corrupt client and/or you having plugins enabled in your LG client (if you're using it) - bugs like that aren't the script. Clear your hooks and cache You'd need to send me a debug to help you if that doesn't work. The water runes are a compensatory mechanism in case they're needed for a Camelot teleport. It's too complex a system to fully explain, but they're necessary. It will bring Nature Runes for High Alchemy if you select that in the GUI. You probably aren't choosing the option. It's not on by default. Those may be added in the future, b
  9. Yep, as it says, Alchemical Hydra has a 95 Slayer requirement which is a "tough Slayer requirements that struggle to be botted" - this is an AIO Slayer script that will get you that requirement. The sentence you quoted does not claim to support killing Hydra - that would probably be $24.99 script in itself.
  10. It absolutely doesn't say that, please read the front page again. Looks like an issue with the Tribot worldhopper, limited amounts I can do to fix that. I'm pushing a huge update tomorrow that will offer some extra stability though.
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