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  1. Thanks for the pictures, I'll push a fix today Edit: @yoyi4001 It should be fixed now
  2. Sounds like an issue on your end, I haven't made any modifications at all to anything that affect mouse speed or closing interfaces. Are your other scripts working fine? Do you have any debug?
  3. Pushed Patch V1.14: Updated and upgraded the script's DaxWalker key to prevent "Path not found" errors Reduced the resource requirement of the script, reducing expected RAM/CPU consumption Improved the reliability of my basic walking code
  4. I've personally recently only used the standard Tribot client, non-LG - I like to use the spoofing function, but I have no idea whether that has any effect. I don't believe there to be any comparison between LG and the standard client in terms of bans. I don't farm or run a lot of accounts, but I've not had any bans in a while. In other news... Pushed Patch V3.55: Upgraded my DaxWalker key to a larger capacity - this should now accommodate all of the traffic my scripts are experiencing and should help fix the "No path found" issues some users were experiencing Upda
  5. I'll explore this The script hasn't been updated in the last 2 days, so nothing will have changed. If you're using Looking Glass, projectiles are slow to be detected - this is a limitation of looking glass that I can't overcome sadly. I personally recommend not using Looking Glass, as it heavily impacts expected performance and tends to be moreunpredicatble than the standard client. On the normal client, superior monster projectile dodging works as intended I'm pushing an update today which upgrades my DaxWalker key, so it will be reliable again - this shouldn't be a prob
  6. Not at the moment - it's been in the works for a while, but it's difficult to work out how to make the script choose when to use combat prayers (e.g. what tasks, since it would need to also bring prayer potions) and how to make this customisable without adding too much setup complexity
  7. This is most likely due to the fact that the Dharoks helm degenerates, and so the script is not aware of it once it degrades from what you have selected in the GUI, so it will not try to re-equip it. The script does not officially support degradeable armour, so the solution is to just pick a non-degradeable helmet Sorry, it's just a limitation of my trying to keep equipment setup simple
  8. You can only use Antifire potions of any kind after completing Dragon Slayer too - so really, the answer is that you need to have done Dragon Slayer, or block the task, as that's really just a game mechanic
  9. Yeah, I can do that, no worries As for your question, the trolls always throw rocks, no matter what quests you've done
  10. It turns it on as soon as the trolls are detected; if it's delayed, it is related to frames/connection. If you are not using a replenishment banking choice (e.g. a POH with a suitable fountain for prayer replenishment or the Ferox Enclave), you may end up not having enough prayer to turn it on in this situation. If you want to always have max health and prayer, choose one of those options - I can't make those choices for you.
  11. You probably have the "Switch to Point Boosting mode when low on points" mode selected in the GUI (Advanced section)
  12. The script does not officially support degradeable items. If you use Barrows the script will likely work fine, but it will not repair your items if they fully degrade, so you will have to manage that yourself.
  13. Do you have bank plugins off in your client? Have you read the "Client debug" to see what it is saying is the reason for the issue? (the Bot Debug is rarely useful unless it shows an error). There have been some DaxWalker issues today which may be causing some temporary issues with pathing that should resolve on their own.
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