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  1. Fixed in the latest patch! Great to hear! Pushed Patch V5.54: Fixed an issue causing the script to take long and protracted routes when attempting to find certain safespots
  2. Pushed Patch V2.02: Major QOL and antiban improvements Fixed an issue causing a rare loop with banking Improved overall script stability
  3. Pushed Patch V1.30: Major QOL improvements to multiple aspects of the script Optimised one-tick mode to be much faster and added "fast combining" mode - one-tick mode is now smoother and "fast combining" mode is the same as previous iterations of the script Improved overall reliability - the script should be able to run indefinitely and achieve 1-99 in a single session with ease Large antiban improvements
  4. It should do (if LG works itself that is) - but I would always avoid using bossing scripts on LG, as it is very slow. I'm near the top of the list on the TRiBot discord, feel free to PM me there if you have any questions. Pushed Patches V1.00 - V1.06: Large improvements to dodging, particularly when the shield bash special attack appears, generally improving kill speeds and anti-profiling capabilities
  5. It only takes an antifire shield on tasks where you potion is not enough - for example, Brutal Black Dragons need a minimum of two dragonfire protection measures. I would need your debug to help you - feel free to PM it to me and I'll take a look. Fixed. Pushed Patch V5.53: Extensive Antiban improvements Blacklisted broken OSRS worlds (Jagex issue)
  6. Flawless Demonic Gorilla Killer. Averages at 1.5m GP/hour. What are Demonic Gorillas? Demonic Gorillas are strong demi-boss monsters located in the Crash Site Caves, a zone that is unlocked by completing the Monkey Madness 2 quest. They are known for being the only monster that drops Zenyte Shards, used to create the best jewellery in the game, as well as plentiful resource drops. They are highly profitable and require rapid gear switching and prayer switching to kill. With Zenyte Shard drops and the kill rate ARKDemonics is able to achieve, Demonic Gorillas average out a
  7. This appears to be related to TRiBot's breaking system in some way - I'm taking a look at what could possibly cause this and I should have a fix/fixes out soon
  8. Magic Melee is tasks which attack with melee attacks that have magic damage - infernal mages don't count in that, sorry! I'm intending on adding a whole host of POH-related improvements in the near future The script doesn't use safespots like that at the moment, so that is currently intended behaviour As above!
  9. It was that Zalcano attachment - if you did want to re-attach it, all you'd need to do is go to "Debug" -> "Animation" and let me know what the number changes to when you're mining
  10. Your ultimate wilderness boss goldfarming solution. Solo kills the wilderness boss Calvarion flawlessly for huge GP/hour. What is Calvarion? Calvarion is a singles-plus boss located in the level 21 Wilderness. It is soloable and delivers some of the best GP/hour in the game. Notable drops include the Voidwaker Blade, Ring of the Gods, Dragon Pickaxe, Skull of Vet’ion and Vet’ion Jr with a host of other valuable resource drops to boost your profit. You can expect around 2-3 million GP/hour, based on drops. Minimum Requirements: 70 Attack 60 Strength
  11. Interesting - I'm always testing, so I'll see if I can replicate things. I am going to be adding a block system soon
  12. This definitely isn't intended! You may just be using a pickaxe I don't have the animation for - if you could PM me the animation (which you can find via the debug panel -> animation) that your character does when you're mining, I will make sure it is added
  13. The script places itself in the optimal position for the web to be spawned on the outer edge of the cave and it will use path prediction/destination prediction to move out of the way as fast as possible if Spindel tries to drag you through it. The script avoids almost all of the damage possible, but there will be instances where this can be very temporarily (max 1-2 ticks) unavoidable (or it wastes more time to move out of the way than it is worth). People are achieving very high KPHs and profits, so it is worth letting the script do its thing! I released an update yesterday which should furth
  14. Most people are running the script flawlessly - feel free to PM me with a GIF of this happening and I can see what's going on for you.
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