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  1. Unsure, it's lower priority than some other features atm I'm intending to add a custom task skip list very soon though Please try the newest version and tell me if it works for you Pushed patch V2.88, which includes multiple user-requested features: - Updated the Advanced Settings GUI tab for future features - GUI has been slightly re-arranged, with some things changing tabs - NEW: Added Bonecrusher support - NEW: Now only uses the Fountain to replenish at the Ferox Enclave (previously also used the FFA portal, but this caused some inefficiency) - NEW: Added "Stop at Boss Task" feature to advanced settings - Fixed a bug causing the script to not stop as intended if Slayer Rings ran out/some other untradeable items Features being worked on: Custom task skipping, new tasks (Cave Horrors, Suqah, Fossil Island Wyverns)
  2. What task? If you complete Tree Gnome Village it can use the spirit trees, but Necklaces of Passage are quite important for Ironman mode - it's very difficult to get to Nieve's cave otherwise It will only do Ice Trolls if you have done Fremennik Isles, have > 85 Combat, are using Prayer and are not an Ironman, by user request. If you have all of those, just make sure you go back there manually. If not, I'll check it out.
  3. Post the debug and I'll show you what item it's telling you it needs It does usually say exactly what item it needs specifically
  4. The log was useful - it just looks like the leagues server worlds changed. I've pushed an update that fixes this and the script shouldn't hop to any league worlds now. If you can send me a screenshot of what appears when you first login to a leagues world, I'll take a look at a better failsafe for it.
  5. Just working on the UI for it (main delay), since there's no space to add more options on the GUI Shouldn't be more than 2-3 days Meanwhile, pushed V2.86, which is just small bug fixes/ user-requested changes: - Fixed a bug with the Ardougne Cloak not being used when selected in the GUI - Fixed Brine Rats task travel bug - Fixed Slayer Ring purchasing bug - Added Brimstone Keys to looting table for Optimised/Ironman looting Boss stopping, Bonecrusher support and other user requested changes are all in the pipeline and should be ready soon PS. Some people were asking why the script takes a Nose Peg when farming Gargoyles - this is because it has to run by Aberrant Spectres on the way there which would kill you if you didn't have one, so it is intentional
  6. I can't, people want to run the script on League worlds. Tribot 12 avoids this issue. Send me your debug and I'll work out why it's hopping to League worlds for you when it's not designed to. Just because that option is there, does not mean people would disable it sadly. I have to cater to every user.
  7. I'll work on the Vaympres issue, although it is somewhat more of a DaxWalker issue - I need to modify its combat detection It's taking the runes to get back to Vannaka, but I'll have a think about whether it's safe to remove them as a failsafe Cave Horrors will be added in the future, just need an account with the quests I'm considering adding Magic support in general, but will see Sure, I'll make it only use the pool Will address Sure, in a future update It shouldn't be possible for it to be trying to buy a Slayer Ring (that's what's causing this) - have you tried clearing hooks? I'll work on a fix, not sure why it would be behaving like that Sure I've tested and it should work fine? The only things it won't alch are over 30k value, as these will prompt the high alchemy warning message, which can't be clicked while in combat, causing large issues I'll address the Nose Peg issue Will address the Nose Peg issue Rune Pouch is a possibility Guthan's is a possibility in the far future Sadly I don't really have the time to start a Trailblazer account to test, so this is unlikely to happen I'm very busy at the moment and want to focus on the main aspects of the script
  8. They should be though. I'll take a look. I'll explore adding a worlds blacklist for worldhopping too. The only one that I won't be adding (because it's just way too much work) is Konar, others are a definite maybe Exploring the world list It dumps all of its special attacks if possible, but it tries to do it at a point that it will be safe to do so - doesn't want to be caught trying to spec while having to eat. Improvements to superiors are something I'm trying to work on, but they're almost impossible to test atm. I'll take a look, but should be able to I think Has the vampire thing happened more than once? Are you using Ironman mode for teleporting? It probably takes the runes for another teleport it might need, maybe to the task? Not 100% sure without seeing the deubg, it will usually explain there I'll double check if Ardy cape is working as intended, I did it as a blind update, so it might not be 100% Yep, will do - working on my new Advanced Settings tab atm for all of these custom features people are requesting
  9. Definitely fixed in the latest update, so should be working now It currently needs Necklaces of Passage for Nieve's Slayer dungeon tasks (unless you have Slayer Rings unlocked) - it's a lot more complex for me to make it work how you want, especially given that while that works for your account setup, it doesn't work for other accounts (since not everyone uses Varrock West - some people are at Ferox Enclave and can't reach the spirit tree without a teleport). I'll have a think about the best way of approaching that as an issue that works for all accounts/GUI setups. If you use Ferox Enclave banking, it will use the Pool if *either* health or prayer are not full, so it would do exactly what you want - it will use it every task basically. Rings of Duelling are easy enough to get, even on ironman accounts, so it is worth doing this. The same issue arises regarding your account vs other accounts (maybe higher level accounts) when it comes to having the option to not take a Prayer Potion on tasks that can spawn superiors. While on lower level accounts and tasks, 43 pp might be enough for 1-2 superior kills, it will likely take around 60-70 pp to kill a single Abyssal Superior or Drake superior. I have to design the script work on every account at every level, so what seem like simple changes actually take quite a lot of thought. I'll have a think and see whether I can make it so you don't need to take a Prayer Potion, but account deaths would be more likely. Leagues worlds are blacklisted currently, unless they change? On Tribot 12 they are automatically blacklisted - if you have the option, I'd strongly recommend updating to 12.
  10. Pushed a new version, V2.85: - NEW: Added Ardougne Cape teleport to Fairy Rings option in the GUI - Will now use the Slayer Rings (if selected) or the Necklace of Passage instead of Rings of Wealth to reach Fairy Rings if the above is not selected, as this is faster than the current Ring of Wealth method - Modified attack wait timing for optimal antiban and reduction in incorrect attacks - this will very slightly reduce XP/hour, but should reduce ban risk - Hyper-AFK mode will now wait considerably longer between attacks and strongly simulate a player who is only half paying attention - Now takes antifire potions to Drake tasks on Ironman accounts - Will now turn off Ranged Prayer on Death Plateau trolls tasks after making it through the canyon - Added a bank failsafe to prevent too many coins being taken on tasks - Now considers Infernal Mages a Magic Melee task if Prayer is turned off (for all tasks, you cannot pick and choose - aimed at Ironmen) - Fixed a bug on Trolls tasks that caused the script to constantly attack Trolls while under attack from Ranged trolls - Fixed a bug causing Limpwurt seeds to not be looted on Ironman mode looting - Fixed a very rare bug whereby an accidental miss-click could have caused a loop on tasks with "execute" functionality eg. Rock Slugs Other changes are coming soon.
  11. Maybe, but not for a while, I have plenty to do. I definitely added it. You're using Ironman looting? What's the ID of the seeds on the ground? Infernal Mages are not "Magical Melee" - they're not melee at all. The script has that equipment option so that it switches to magic melee on tasks like Jellies, where their melee attacks are based on magic defence. Killerwatts are an exception, as they naturally do more damage and are used with prayer. I'll see what I can do, but what you're describing is you trying to fight a monster in a sub-optimal manner ( no prayer) and then telling me it is sub-optimal If you want it to replenish your Prayer atm, you have 2 entire options at the moment - Ring of Dueling to the Ferox Enclave (100% Ironman accessible and easy) and House tablets. Ardougne cloak teleporting to the fairy ring is coming soon, but replenishment of Prayer is far off. Will check it out Intervals between attacking are anti-profiled - every account attacks differently. There is a randomised wait that is different for every user in between every attack (it says it on the paint when it is waiting). You can turn on "Hyper-AFK" mode to increase this interval and make it go off-screen more often, which is what you're describing. I will, however, work on improving this if you are concerned. If you do the Tree Gnome Village quest, it uses Spirit trees to get to Nieve rather than Necklaces of Passage. I'll check it out. And yeah, the debug tells you how many superiors it has killed after it gets one.
  12. I'll fix this Will add, thanks for your PM Short answer is no, as the way the script deposits now was widely requested by users and I was told that it was far less bot-like. People have differing opinions on what they think is "bot-like", but given that I spent a lot of time making it work how it does now with banking, it is staying as such I'll make it turn off the Ranged Prayer after protecting from the Trolls
  13. You don't need to dodge the fireball every time if you have antifires (as these block 100% of the damage), so it only dodges occasionally. Are you running an ironman? Might have just been a cache issue Have to be careful, even with a script like this, as too many hours will flag you and once you're flagged, it really doesn't matter how good the anti-profiling is If you could DM me the chat message that appears when you get a boss task (while talking to the Slayer master), I can speed up the update process That doesn't say that it kills Demonic Gorillas, it says that they are locked behind a tough Slayer requirement - there is, however, just a tiny bit below, a comprehensive list of tasks that the script completes. I included it for a reason. In other news, a new patch is out, V2.84: - Modified combat mechanics to avoid the "I'm already under attack" message where avoidable - This also reduces the frequency of attack clicks, reducing profileability and ban risk - Added Limpwurt seeds to the Ironman mode droptable (requested) - Lowered the minimum value slightly of the "Max XP mode" looting system for actually looting items (requested) - Now counts how many superior monsters have been killed for this run in the debug (requested) - Fixed a rare bug that caused the script to get caught up on Dwarves tasks if one of the dwarves left the area Coming soon: - Ardougne Cloak as an option to teleport to Fairy Rings
  14. Are you playing in resizeable mode? Can you PM me what the actual screen of where the bot is standing looks like? Yeah - the only issue is where to put it haha. I'll make it say in the debug for now It probably switched a different equipment loadout that might not have had a Slayer Helmet in it? If you PM me your Equipment loadouts for Magic Melee/Prayer (whichever it switched to), I can let you know.
  15. It's not supposed to try to repurchase Slayer rings? Please send me the debug - the script stops when it runs out of Slayer Rings
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