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  1. Maybe - I do think this wouldn't necessarily boost profit though, as an account could be waiting around for quite a while. I'll play around with it Looks like your client is corrupted - clear your hooks and cache using the Bulk Client Launcher. If that doesn't work, you may need to do a full reinstall. The issue is related to a core Tribot file not being readable to the client
  2. It's a planned change I'll take a look at safe spot finding for Suqah tasks The debug usually holds all of the answers you need - I'd need to see it to help you interpret it, as it will tell me more about what is going on for you. It is likely related to something you've set incorrectly for your account, as most users are able to run the script easily for a long time.
  3. I'm aware of this and should have a fix out soon Glad to hear you're enjoying it Great to hear! I don't have a discord, but I can be contacted on both the forum and via PM
  4. No - this is most likely caused by some element of client corruption on your end - this is common with Looking Glass clients. You can try to clear your hooks and cache, or reinstall the client, as either of these should help. If not, I can take a look at the debug and check if you are seeing any strange exceptions
  5. You need it to use the "NPC Contact" spell to repair pouches, which is faster. However, the script also supports repairing pouches via the Abyss, which does not require the Lunar Spellbook. Edit: Pushed Patch V1.45: NEW: Tribot breaks will now only kick in once a game is over. The script will attempt to manually leave a game before it logs out. This is to better simulate a real player. Reworked Options API to be smoother Added setting "Use Escape to close interfaces" to my options API - the script will now turn this OSRS feature on if you select it in the GUI
  6. Sounds like it was just a task that it wasn't generally worth taking alchs for before And I believe it's case sensitive, so no - you'd need to type "Iron Dragons"
  7. If you can let me know when you have the time, that'd be great Sometimes it really isn't worth losing the 2 inventory slots to alch, but I might have missed a task for alching^^ The only reason I can think of for it to ignore a task you've asked it to skip is if you have entered the name wrong into the box - just double-check it is correct
  8. It's my main priority at the moment, just need to find the time to release it This method only works on certain account configurations - I could maybe explore it in the future though
  9. Potentially, I'm going to be looking into making house replenishment better and to allow it to use a Jewellery Box, so may be able to add this. There will be a version of this at some point int the future where you can mix and match combat styles, but it won't be quite like that, as it doesn't take into account a lot of variables Not that I'm aware of - it only alchs on tasks where it is worth taking the alchemy runes and a significant number of alchables are dropped, so not all of them. Which task/s is it not alching on for you? Only other reasons I can think
  10. Great to hear! I'm happy to add that, where do you think it would fit? Or is this on the "Imageless Paint" mode? :)
  11. Strange - I'll take a look at the Oil Lantern issue. It just takes whichever appropriate light source it sees first - for the part of the caves it goes to, it doesn't matter which light source it takes, it avoids the parts which can explode I think that adding a lit for the stop at boss task feature would just make the GUI incredibly busy and overly complex. I can, however, look to put together a list you can copy and paste from and add it to the guide to make it easier Good spot, I'll make sure to resolve the Duradel auto-selection issue The script supports
  12. The client was broken following the OSRS update, which was larger than usual. The issue is now resolved as a result of the Tribot devs releasing a client patch
  13. Like I said, I have no control over reviews or the review system. I do think choosing to post a 1 star review after using my script "for 45 minutes" is not based on any evidence, but it is your choice. It sounds like this is the first ban you've experienced. The message you've received is generic and all but the most obvious bans receive it. Bans in OSRS are, unless you've done something really obvious, delayed in time. As in - you get banned a time, or even a considerable time, after you've been detected as a bot user - many days or even months. Since Jagex's bot detection system uses he
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