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  1. I'll have this resolved in about 15 minutes Edit: This should now be resolved!
  2. I can probably add a 1-click mode where the user sets it up themselves and the script just runs it, yeah - might take me a week or two to get round to it though
  3. I've replied to your PM The only thing that isn't restocked with the script is ammo - just make sure to have enough for the run you wish to do. I'll add running out of darts as an end case so the script stops properly next time, rather than kicking monsters Pushed Patch 4.46: NEW: Added a new Antiban option - "Periodic World Hopping" - when selected, the script will periodically hop worlds to avoid being seen too often in the same world by legitimate players. The frequency of this happening is unique to your account. The script will now stop if you no longer have a weapon
  4. It's impossible to do reliably with an algorithm. I tried it (hence the debug) and there's an insane amount of lateral thinking required to setup the maze like that yourself. I'd need ticks to be hooked into the client and then it'd be complex even then, so sadly it isn't an option, sorry. Let's keep things civil - I'm happy to explore all options that make the script work for everyone and there will be fringe cases I miss I tend to avoid adding customisation to options that people can mess up (E.g. How many stamina potions to take, as you need to make sure you have enough room f
  5. Pushed Patch 4.45: NEW: Added Twisted Banshees (Catacombs of Kourend) to the Free Farming options for the script These are some of the best monsters to farm on Ironman accounts, dropping lots of alchables, herbs and runes/essence and giving excellent XP/hour They can also make around 200-350k GP/hour of profit (very dependent on combat level) Added Twisted Banshees (Catacombs of Kourend) as an alternative location to complete the Banshees task for higher level players when using Prayer (the script manages this automatically) Hopefully addressed an issu
  6. Pushed Patch V1.23: The script now properly takes Agility, whether you have Graceful on, and whether you have "Drop cheap herbs" selected in the GUI when calculating the number of energy potions etc. to take per run The script now correctly closes the Quest Completion interface at the end of the Prince Ali Rescue quest Fixed a bug with the Prince Ali Rescue Quest whereby the quest would not start if you had Stamina Potion (3)s in your bank Fixed a rare issue where the script dropped the Ashes it needed to complete the Prince Ali Rescue Quest accidentally, as it believed
  7. No, sorry - it uses the Prayer that is generally best for all users on each particular task, based on your choice of Ranged or Melee in the GUI. Adding options like that would add too much complexity to the script for almost all users.
  8. No, sorry - how many it takes is calculated based on free inventory slots for Sq'irks/expected Herbs - and it is anti-profiled too. I can, however, make it take fewer at a higher Agility level (it already does this, but I can make it more accentuated). Feel free to let me know your account's agility level and how many of your chosen energy potion it uses (via PM) and I can use that to calibrate the numbers accurately
  9. Should have this sorted tomorrow Sorry, that is not very useful at all. Please explain what you mean, with debug, GUI settings and a good description - as far as I am aware, the whole script is working great.
  10. Yeah, for all of the tasks that are supported, it does its best, including dodging projectiles from Gargoyle superiors etc. :)
  11. Happy to take a look at the Prince Ali issue - should be an easy fix :) I'll take a look at the banking issue :) Do you have "only use 3 or 4 dose potions" on?
  12. Character item manager? The script has multiple failsafes to stop it ever running without gaining XP for that long - please send me them on discord (PM) or via the forum PMs, as I'm intrigued as to how that could happen. Debug would help a lot too.
  13. Yes to all 3, but it's a very gradual process - adding things to a script like this has knock on effects (even as far as "if a person picks cannon mode/seed box/gem bag/ herb sack/doesn't use a rune pouch/selects 3 of each type of potion all at once - does that even all fit in their inventory?" perspective). Therefore, I have to put a considerable amount of work into testing even small changes Pushed Patch V4.44: Minor improvements to a number of functions before the barrage of updates that are coming Fix for a bug where the script would not have enough coins to get into Bri
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