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  1. I won't be able to fix this without your debug and GUI setup, as this does actually only happen to you atm. If you could get these, it would help a lot and let me get this fixed. Eventually, however not until I can work out how to identify what herbs are in the herb sack accurately, as I need this for profit calculations.
  2. Very weird o.O Does it never take a face mask? Or was this a one-off? I'll check this out and see if it was just a server-related issue or a bug
  3. Have you left it to think for a bit? It might just be daxWalker taking a few seconds to return a valid path - at worse, it will just safely exit using one of my in-built failsafes, but it will fix itself eventually 99% of the time
  4. Pushed V2.78, mainly stability and anti-profiling changes: Anti-profiling: - Loot-related anti-profiling changes during combat Bug fixes and stability: - Fixed a bug that very rarely caused an NPE with special attack weapons - Wyrms tasks are no longer considered Dragon tasks - Wyrms tasks now have the Client of Kourend quest as a requirement - Added a cap on the number of prayer potions the script can take on certain tasks, to avoid a max inventory limit bug - Now correctly deposits Prayer Potions if we have too many in our inventory for the next task - No longer loots Dragon Bones on Iron and Steel Dragons tasks when using optimised looting, as this was reducing trip time and XP/hour, for little profit - Now takes more food to Skeletal Wyvern tasks, alongside prayer potions, to increase trip duration - Added Emeralds and Sapphires to TzHaar loot table to make the task more profitable if no big loot drops land (only looted if above the cost of the food you've chosen)
  5. What did it have equipped in the helmet slot for the smoke devils task? Edit: You mean dust devils, right? If you could send me the devug, I'll work out what happened
  6. You probably need to complete the Client of Kourend quest, as this is a requirement to kill Greater Demons in Zeah
  7. Glad to hear the failsafes worked as intended I'll add the Client of Kourend requirement to Wyrms tasks, thanks I'll check out the food withdrawal bug - what task was this on? Your account either does not have the requirements to do that task, or the task is in the wilderness - what task is it? Usually, the task will use Slayer points to skip tasks like this, but you have none. The script cannot do tasks that your account does not have the requirements to do, so you'll have to either get the requirements, or do the task some other way. This happens very rarely on accounts with low stats/quest completions. It does support full deathwalking and gravestone looting. It will bank first and then go to the gravestone. If it is not doing that for you, please send me the debug
  8. People wanted to not waste items/potions that were low doses I think. It will only use low dose potions if there are no high dose ones left. An easy solution is to just have plenty of 3 or 4 dose potions in your bank; I believe it prioritises higher dose potions, so these will be used until there are none left. Black Demon tasks are in Zeah, so you need the Client of Kourend quest completed. You can't access the area without it, so sadly I can't make the script do the task for you without you having access.
  9. I'll think about whether this is possible Thanks for the progress report! In other news... Pushed patch V2.77: - The script will now take more Prayer Potions on Prayer tasks in general - Added Divine Ranging Potion support - Modified the multiple message failsafe to be less sensitive to certain commonly repeated phrases - Skeletal Wyvern tasks now use prayer by default (this can be modified in the GUI) - Fixed a bug with threading that was causing certain users to struggle to run the script - this should now be working flawlessly - Fixed a bug with Low CPU Mode
  10. Yes, it does slow reaction speeds by quite a lot - a lot of real players struggle with the Nechryael boss and the honest truth is that on LG, the Gargoyle superior is just down to latency You can't, sorry - people asked me to make the script use the lower dose potions if available and I've changed this 4-5 times, so it is stuck like this, sorry. The script wouldn't know if it needs to buy anything before going to the bank though? Banking in Varrock and going to the GE is normal when you realise you need stuff? Or have I misunderstood what you mean? You can change the bank the script banks at I'll add divine ranging potion, np, should be in the next patch As explained above, it is designed to take 1 dose potions, as this was requested by users. Given how much I've had to change this, it will just work like this for the foreseeable future
  11. Pushed V2.75, a stability patch: - The script will now tell you when your client is corrupt and cannot start the necessary threads for the script to function correctly - please simply restart your client for this to be fixed - Fixed a common bug with deathwalking - A number of core code changes to improve stability and efficiency - Multiple anti-profiling changes
  12. Glad to hear! Quest setting might have changed, I'll explore it - unless you're running on an Ironman account? It chooses to not do the Ice Trolls on Ironman accounts as these are too hard without a lot of resources
  13. Definitely still sounds like a client bug - the script literally doesn't know you have a Ring of Duelling, it can't tell that item exists. If you can still send me the debug (all of it), I can make sure it is that. After sending me the debug, your solution is to either use Tribot 11, which is now working perfectly as far as I am aware, or continue to try with Tribot 10 and clearing hooks/cache - have you been using this tool to clear your client information?
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