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  1. To my knowledge, the script is working perfectly. There have been no updates to the script in well over a week, so whatever is going on is on your end, sorry. If you are using Tribot 10, stop - it doesn't handle threads correctly and so is broken. If you are using Tribot 11, please post the debug from the client. The script does not just turn itself off without telling you why in the debug.
  2. This is a bug with Tribot 10 that I believe was fixed in Tribot 11. I think a new version of the client will be released soon that should fix this issue for you
  3. Do you have any idea what exactly the script is doing when this activates? This is my last-stand failsafe that implies the script basically can't read the game. It is likely a client error - have you tried clearing your hooks? I'll take a look and see if I can replicate this on my local machine
  4. It is coming next patch People asked me specifically to make it not use the "Bank all" option. They said it was bot-like and asked me to change it to how it works now. Sadly, I can't please everyone and I had to put a fair bit of work into making banking work how it works now, so I probably won't be changing it. As for Fairy Rings, I might consider it in the future, but not right now - I don't have any accounts with the Construction requirement to test it and I'm currently working on more widely-requested features
  5. I'll take a look at the potion bug And you need to have completed Client of Kourend to do Greater Demon tasks - that's the only reason it would skip those tasks
  6. It may be worth using TRiBot 10 for now. I believe that the new version of TRiBot 11 may be having some issues. I've just checked and the script works on TRiBot 10 as intended.
  7. Just you I think? Has it worked for you before? It looks like it is having issues contacting the DaxWalker servers
  8. Probably in the next few days, I'm working on the equipment switching update as part of this patch and that isn't quite done yet
  9. The code definitely does not think you do - how many of each dose do you have? You probably need 12 or more to be safe, as the code makes sure it has plenty. What version of the script are you using?
  10. Pushed V2.68: - Improved combat when in populated and competitive areas - should no longer repeat click on attacked monsters who are attacking us too - Fixed a bug with travelling to Abyssal Demon tasks - Fixed a bug with Ironman accounts, requiring them to have a Ring of Wealth when using Ferox Enclave banking
  11. Thanks for the debug, this will help me fix the issue - the script ends because of not finding a ring of wealth + teleport item, yes, but why it is trying to find a ring of wealth is a bug (shouldn't be with your GUI setup). You do need to have a sufficient amount of the teleport item it needs in your bank for it to work on iroman accounts, that part isn't a bug Definitely planned, very near future. I've just finished exams so my feature backlog is going to be added over the next few weeks
  12. Thanks for more clarification - however I need to see the *whole* debug to help you (the debug, not a video). I can't work out what is going on from what you're saying. The debug tells me stuff that you may not pick up on.
  13. Didn't get round to your PM, sorry. Please let me know what the debug says and I can let you know if that is the issue. That being said, no, it isn't designed to be used with a mounted glory and no pool, otherwise there is no benefit to teleporting to your house - house tabs are more expensive than glory charges
  14. Not a useful bug report. The script does work for ghouls as an ironman, if you think you have found a bug then it is likely a setup-related bug and I need the debug sent to me with an accurate description of what is happening. If it says there are no law runes, it's likely because you have none and those are the way the script teleports on ironman accounts. If it is trying to use a ring of wealth, you likely have "Ring of Wealth GE navigation" active in your GUI. Start the script logged in You probably didn't follow the instructions asking you to start at the bank you chose (Ferox Enclave) If you choose a bank in the wilderness, you have to follow the instructions Sure, I'll add it in the next patch
  15. Potentially something I'd explore in the future If you use "Hyper-AFK" mode in the antiban settings, it should do what you mention in the first part. As for "safe spots", I think most people would complain if I changed this, since it would increase the cost of Slayer cannoning a lot to not be attacking monsters at all. Hyper-AFK mode will achieve this sort of behaviour slightly though. I may consider adding it as an optional change, but with the "max-EHP" culture of OSRS, I don't think doing Slayer efficienctly is somethat that would arouse suspicion necessarily. I am working on some slightly changed combat mechanics though that should improve how the script reacts when using cannoning and under-attack
  16. Hmm, I thought I fixed this - I'll take another look and get it sorted
  17. Pushed V2.67: - Will now no longer accidentally click twice on the Replenishment Pool in the Ferox Enclave when replenishing - Terror Dog tasks will no longer be understood as "Dog" tasks - Subtle anti-profiling change that makes reaction times more unique to your account
  18. Sorry, no I might be looking to make a script for Demonic Gorillas separately in the future, but since they are basically a boss, they won't be included in this script.
  19. Sounds like you turned on "Escape Close Banking" without having it selected in your in-game settings. Please turn that function of the game on to use this feature.
  20. It doesn't. Please send me your debug from when this happens, alongside your settings and I will work out what the issue is for you. In other news: Pushed V2.66: - The script will now correctly loot untradeable drops, such as Brittle Keys and Mossy Keys - Impactful anti-profiling change for Ferox Enclave banking, regarding the use of the Pool/Clan Wars portal to replenish - Free Farm mode Blue Dragon tasks will now farm adult Blue Dragons - Fixed a bug causing the script to rarely stop due to the message failsafe on Ironman accounts
  21. Sure :) Yeah, sorry, I can't do anything about that - if it doesn't have enough points to skip a task your account simply cannot do, then it will stop. Client of Kourend is an easily bottable quest though, well worth doing :)
  22. I would avoid having charged teleport jewellery in your equipment loadout Will check it out, thanks for the debug and bug report May be an obvious question, but do you have Ironman mode enabled? It is not possible for it to be going to the GE if that is selected - if you do, I'll check it out Do you have "escape close interfaces" selected in your OSRS settings? It needs to be active to use the "escape close banking" feature of the script Debugs please, can't help without them. Make sure you have Game Chat "ON" Does a red square appear on the floor after it tries doing this? If so, that is intended behaviour - it will try to loot a pile once and it it can't, it will temporarily blacklist the tile. If it isn't working, please send me the debug to have a look
  23. It doesn't, I need to know more information about your settings to help you That sounds like a TRibot problem Click on the button in the top right hand corner to open the debug panel
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