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  1. 11 hours ago, Kedredo said:

    By crashing I mean taking someone's spot, not the script crashing, if you misunderstood that! But I'll try to catch the debug next time it happens!

    That is strange, it's meant to not for sure o.O Yeah, if you can send me debug, it will help with getting to the bottom of it :)

    5 hours ago, deitisti said:

    Hi, does script support blowpipe fully?

    & Is it recommended to purchase bigger & badder for slayer xp/profit or is it more risk than it's worth?

    This script doesn't support the blowpipe, since it is a 2-handed weapon and those are not supported (since a number of tasks require a shield slot item to be completed).

    Bigger and Badder is the best perk to get for both Slayer XP and profit, yes :) I personally get it first on all accounts

  2. On 7/23/2021 at 11:20 AM, Reloz said:

    Actually a phenomenal script, lucky to have you at Tribot. I am well on my way towards 90 slayer, while I started using this around level 70.

    On 7/23/2021 at 6:14 PM, Magickarp said:

     @Ark I want to shake your hand for this one... I accidently ran the script on my main account for ~9 hours completely AFK , and it ran flawlessly with cannon support on. Knock on wood no problems yet..... You outdid yourself on this one buddy.

      Glad to hear it guys :) 


    On 7/24/2021 at 7:36 PM, killad said:

    jumping on the wave of compliments, been running this script from level 12 to 78 slayer! been using at least 10 hours a day with minimal breaks, sat and watched the script run a few times and the camera movement and mouse move very human like! extremely impressed. Only thing i'd ask for would be for an option to skip boss tasks.

    This is the default as far as I'm aware :) What does your script do when it reaches boss tasks? It should skip unless you have the option to stop at boss tasks selected? (not on by default)


    On 7/25/2021 at 8:13 PM, gold_elf149 said:

    got a dust devil task and after banking gear/invent the script seems stuck on getting there. Keep getting this message from the client debug. Any thoughts?

    • [20:09:36] [Navigation] Calculating route, this may take some time. Please let the script run, even if it appears to pause.
    • [20:09:37] [Navigation] No valid path found

    I've addressed this in a new patch I will be releasing in a few days. Restarting the script should resolve it.


    On 7/26/2021 at 6:08 PM, contemporary said:

    Slight oversight: when free farming in slayer tower, bot takes Nose peg on trips even when it has slayer helm equipped. This occupies extra inventory slot for no reason.

    Do you have the Slayer Helmet in your loadout? I will check why it is still taking the nose peg.


    On 7/27/2021 at 2:30 AM, Kedredo said:

    Sitting at almost 90 slayer on my iron.

    Couple of places it crashes someone already there, like baby blacks, there's only 3 so it looks suspicious when I've seen it happen. Seems to happen quite a lot a bloodvelds too, guess they're popular. I normally just hop manually so not a massive issue just thought I'd mention it!

    I don't think there should be any crashing at all - do you think you could send me the debug from when this happens? :) 


    8 hours ago, gameingmuffinhd said:

    Nech superior minions need to be deagroed they use so much food cause the minions are constantly doing damage, they can easily be deagro running away a few tiles

    Sadly this isn't really as easy as you think - you have to move to a place where the minions can no longer hit you for 10+ seconds - this is almost impossible to code reliably and dynamically. I'll explore options!

  3. 1 hour ago, chiefmares said:

    I have just encountered this problem myself. It won't let me do my first Turoth task as I don't have the Sword or the Battleaxe, but as an Ironman I can't buy these items as the only thing in the slayer shop is the spear?  I've looked at the Wiki and the only way to get the sword or the spear is apparently by killing Turoths? 

    Is there a way around this at all or will I have to camp at Turoths for a bit manually to get a sword drop?

    Ah, I hadn't considered that - I'll try to get it added, but it will take a few days, sorry

  4. On 7/16/2021 at 5:25 PM, gameingmuffinhd said:

    Can the bot use leaf bladed spear for kurask?

    The script supports the Leaf Bladed Battleaxe, Leaf Bladed Sword, any Crossbow and Magic Shortbow - but not the Spear, as this doesn't offer any benefit over the other options, sorry

    On 7/18/2021 at 10:54 AM, ruddydeloos said:

    how do you use the arguments in graohical client starter?

    What are the arguments for the grapvical client starter?

    Just save a profile and name it whatever. The argument is just the profile name. Please read the guide linked on the front page.

    On 7/18/2021 at 6:30 PM, FreddySpaghetti said:

    I used this script to 99 slayer a while back. Works perfectly, had to disable superiors though because the ping delay was too much. 

    This is just a reality of Looking Glass and trying to track projectiles - it's a little slow.

    Glad to hear you got 99 though!

  5. 7 hours ago, chiefmares said:

    I bought this script a couple days ago and it's been absolutely amazing! Love how detailed the client debug is so I've managed to sort out any issues that I've caused! 

    I've seen that you have suggested 4-6 hours of botting a day to try and reduce a risk of ban, but I was wondering if that's just a straight 4 hours using this script with it's built-in micro-breaks or should I add my own breaks in? 

    I think it's definitely down to personal preference, as there's not really much evidence to work with - I think breaks are probably something normal players are more likely to take, so I'd probably have a handful while it's running :) That being said, I don't personally use breaks at all on my test accounts and those are fine :P 

  6. 1 minute ago, tootall said:

    I'm sure I have not done something correctly... However...

    On Smoke Devil tasks the script runs perfectly until it runs out of prayer pots. It then just continues until the character is killed.

    Any thoughts?

    Can check it out and get it fixed, I had a few high level accounts die like this and didn't realise it was because it wasn't getting out fast enough after running out of prayer

  7. 2 hours ago, Tsuyoshi said:

    I do, thats what it uses for every other task. I discovered that if I buy a facemask whilst also having my slayer helm in my bank it works fine. Since I am an ironman, I have GE buying disabled. This meant every time I would get a dust devil task it would just stop the script as it couldn't buy a facemask.

    Ah, you're an ironman. I recommend buying every item in the "Ironmen" section in my usage guide before running the script if you are an ironman, as this guarantees the script will always run smoothly for ironmen :) 


    In other news...

    Pushed Patch V3.77:

    • Fixed a handful of minor bugs 
  8. 8 minutes ago, Tsuyoshi said:

    Script is great :) One issue I've run into a few times is that it will refuse to do a dust devil task unless I have a facemask in my bank. I am using slayer helm though so I would hope it would use that instead. The strange thing is, a few times it has worked fine with the slayer helm but other times it will just stop the script as I don't have a facemask.

    You need to have the Slayer Helmet in your chosen Equipment Loadout - if you do, it will always use that instead of any other headgear items :) 

  9. 1 minute ago, kushad said:

    I apologise new to the script ! thank you!

    No worries :P I think the GUI covers most things and I also have a handy script guide here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TkXwfJwuC-_AEWPH6-VvDIRfT_gWC_sH/view

    Pushed Patch V3.75:

    • NEW: Added Sourhogs as a task (assignable from Turael after completing the "A Porcine of Interest" quest)
    • Improved the speed and efficiency of banking initiation
    • Fixed travelling to Brine Rats tasks
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  10. 7 hours ago, wede333 said:

    Hey, I'm only new to this script so let me know if its user error but it seemed to fail at pathing to brine rats. It ended up beside the mountain, but then got stuck spamming camera rotations (probably to look at the required tile to dig?) and did not path further up the mountain. It ended up getting stuck in the area where the little crossing is to get to the hunting area. 

    Thanks :)

    I'll check it out :) 

  11. 44 minutes ago, wede333 said:

    Just in case you're already not aware, they've changed the level of camera zooms so you might need to change that. Seems to get stuck on the zoom manager (Current zoom = 64, Desired is 18)

    Yeah, I'm aware and it should now be fixed, thanks :) 


    Pushed Patch V3.73:

    • Fixed any issues caused by the new OSRS update
    • Improved Interface grabbing performance to reduce CPU drain
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  12. 11 hours ago, epic kye said:

    I completely understand adding extra complexities wouldn't be worth it at times, and I also understand not everything I suggest is viable or logical in terms of time, use, or availability. I've just been watching the script a lot and like to take notes of certain improves or ideas. Rather they will be useful to you or not I feel it may be worth a brief thought. Thanks for taking the time to reply to them. 

    As for 7, I'd suggest maybe adding a feature to use recommended alongside specific items and/or quantities if it's easy to do on your side.

    If you just tell me the items you want to loot and on what task, that is much easier to add than making the script harder to setup for users :) I'm aware I could have missed some things :P 

    Half the messages I get are from users who refuse to read the instructions that are very clear in the GUI, so adding more to it just means I'll spent less of my time coding and more time screenshotting areas of the GUI for people

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  13. Just as a heads up, I don't intend on adding extra complexity to the script for the sake of it, so suggestions need to be on a macro level really - large things, not small things that don't offer much for the average user. I have limited time and making a very complex script have more points of error is not something that's beneficial for anyone.

    1. I'll explore whether this is something that works in all situations
    2. I'll check this out - I'm not sure whether there's anything I can do to prevent this, as being frozen doesn't give a state change
    3. This is adding unnecessary complexity to pathing for little/no benefit - I have no intention of adding extra complexity to the script for the sake of it
    4. Potion decanting and the option to only use 3 or 4 dose potions are coming soon
    5. This is quite a lot more complex than you think and was trialled and determined to not be worth doing
    6. Again, a far more complex request than you could imagine (since bracelet charges cannot be detected without right-clicking "check") with absolutely minimal benefit, sorry
    7. You'd need to give me the exact example of what the items you'd like added to the looting list and for which specific task for me to make a change like this - if you let me know, adding items to loot tables is very easy, but you need to be specific
    8. This isn't possible with the Tribot API and offers no benefit to anti-profiling
    9. It's not botlike to wait, most humans are half-AFKing while playing this game - you'd get the script flagged if you hyper-optimised things like this
    10. Turn off "withdraw-all" in your bank - it doesn't do this unless you've turned that on yourself
    11. It most definitely does handle the deathwalking tutorial and has the logic to handle this - if you're finding that it isn't for you, you need to submit an appropriate bug report with a GIF, bot and client debug
    12. Most likely internet-related, since it needs to ask the DaxWalker server for the path and will wait/retry with a timer - it will sort itself when you are able to connect to the server
    13. It says in the GUI clearly that Barrows and degradable gear are not officially supported and this won't be changed
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  14. 15 hours ago, olstan said:

    cool thanks for clarifying, it still brings soul bearer/herb sack which wouldn't necessarily be needed for that

    It does that because you have those selected in the GUI, that is your choice. Just unselect them.

    In other news...

    Pushed Patch V3.72:

    • Improved Cannon Reloading interaction, reducing miss-clicks and angle-related issues
    • Improved walking fluidity once again and resolved a few minor walking-related issues
    • Now correctly closes the "Level-up" announcement
    • Improved CPU usage on all machines
  15. 21 hours ago, epic kye said:

    Edit: On a side-note I attempted to goto abyssal demons earlier for off-task but it clicked a room close by instead.. Currently sitting at "Waiting for NPCS..." but there are none in the room so script is null (It's not reverifying for a check to see if I'm in the correct room nor trying to do anything)

    Picture below


    This issue will be fixed in the update coming today

    18 hours ago, [email protected] said:

    Glad you took the time to read and fix some bot bugs. A new error that I noticed today is that when going to "Greater demons" he did not pick up the cannon, he went to the bank and then he returned to get it, however he did not do it again, and thus, a cycle that I had to stop.

    Sounds like you DCed - let me know if it happens again

    18 hours ago, qwerty said:

    Great script so far.  I haven't had luck with custom task skips yet.   Is that feature unfinished? 

    This feature is definitely working as intended, it is most likely user error. Remember to type in the name of the task exactly how the Slayer masters says it and separate each individual task name by a comma. For example:

    Turoth, Black Dragons, Steel Dragons



    Pushed Patch V3.70:

    • Improved the fluency and elegance of item equipping at the bank
    • Improved the reliablity of a number of banking methods
    • Improved navigation and screenwalking frequency
    • Modified some zoom parameters
    • Fixed a rare bug causing the script to randomly close the bank partway through banking
    • Fixed an issue with Dagannoth tasks not worldhopping correctly
    • Fixed an issue where the script was getting stuck if it miss-clicked out of its combat area in certain task area

    Pushed Patch V3.71:

    • Improved the performance and smoothness of long-distance travel
    • Fixed a bug causing certain items to not be equipped if they were in the inventory
  16. 28 minutes ago, epic kye said:

    Quite fair, thanks for taking the time to evaluate and reply to my points. Hadn't realized how reliant the script is on keeping diverse from everybody else. Definitely makes me feel even better about the quality. I do think some people get luckier than others though such as in the point of hovering over skills and right clicking stuff. It's nice to be different but some tasks just don't make much sense in terms of being humanlike. For example, If I had to choose I wouldn't want to be that person to oddly right click every stone or non-descriptive tiles/objects. Or the person who literally never checks their stats during a task or afterwards every now and then. Perhaps I'm just overthinking it though. As for robotic banking I meant more along the lines of how it equips gear. Seems very systematic and too consistent. As for the rest, I understand priorities just figured I'd shoot a few ideas incase ya wanted to add them to a future list is all. 

    All of our knowledge of Jagex's detection is obviously quite subjective, which makes everything tough to gauge.

    I choose to subscribe to the "profile and flag" model of detection; that is, multiple accounts carrying out actions in similar ways to form a detectable pattern that doesn't require extreme levels of micro data to be tracked (since I don't believe Jagex have the resources for this) will lead to an account receiving a flag for manual review. A lot of my anti-profiling is thus designed to make accounts play differently from one another, but also to avoid repetitive and similar actions being repeated too often.

    I think if you sat and watched, you'd probably pick up on all of this stuff happening, but real players do different things - for example, I never check the XP tab, since there is an XP tracker in the top right hand corner that you can configure to show the progress you want to see. As far as I'd be concerned, checking XP more often would be "bot-like" (not that that is a thing really), since I never do it. However, I do personally actually spam right-click when I'm bored.

    At the end of the day, I believe the script does as much as possible to protect accounts (but I am happy to hear feedback and I will pay attention to thingsd you mentioned, since they may be able to be improved). A certain amount of luck, but also intelligent use comes into being successful and I know that a lot of people have had a lot of success with the script :) 

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