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  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying it A lot (almost all) of the stuff you've brought up is actually already part of the script and most likely just things you've missed. This script is designed in such a way that every account does almost every single action differently in some way (e.g. some accounts will cure themselves of poison from clicking a potion, others will interact with the health interface and cure via that). It's possible you haven't come across everything so far. In response to your points: 1. This is what "Hyper AFK mode" does in the antiban section It leaves th
  2. Glad you're enjoying it I'm currently prioritising developing other features, but this is on the list down the line
  3. No worries Pushed Patch V3.69: Improved the anti-profiling of eating and potion consumption to appear more human-like and not eat at such high health percentages Fixed a bug where the Client of Kourend quest was not being detected as complete correctly (needed for Wyrms/Black Demons/other Zeah tasks) Fixed a bug where food was being eaten up to full too often Improved screenwalking Added a few minor failsafes for interface closing
  4. Then go to the plugins section of OpenOSRS and disable everything
  5. Should be fixed in new patch that should be out in 20 mins Same as above, fix is incoming Turn off your plugins, they cause this issue - the script is not designed to run with plugins.
  6. Does the script skip any other tasks for you that it did not before (other than Wyrms or Black Demons)? The game was changed quite a lot yesterday (OSRS update), maybe they modified something I have missed.
  7. It will tell you in the debug, please read it to understand why the script makes the decisions it has. Most likely you don't have the "Client of Kourend" quest completed to access Zeah.
  8. Should be resolved in the new update Pushed Patch V3.68: Resolved a rare issue with pathing to Wyverns Multiple anti-profiling changes Stability improvements
  9. Pushed Patch V3.67, the first of a number of large updates - introducing, the new human-like combat system: System improvements: New interaction methods for monsters, objects and looting designed with anti-profiling in mind New camera methods designed to be as human-like as possible New walking system that alternates between minimap and screenwalking to simulate a real player New navigation system designed to improve response speed and reliablity New food consumption method designed to simulate how real players may spam food occasionally Improved safesp
  10. Pushed Patch V1.22: Upgraded pathing and walking system to be more dynamic Modified some click methods for better performance Pushed a fix for the interface-change related issues introduced with the new OSRS update Fixed an issue with Grand Exchange purchasing Pushed Patch V1.25: Improvements to the anti-profiling of equipping and banking Improvements to the navigation system Fixed a small number of minor issues Pushed Patch V1.26: Fixed any issues caused by the OSRS update Improved the performance of Interface grabbing methods to r
  11. The road map is that I am likely to push my human-like combat API update within the next 2-3 days. This update includes a host of massive improvements and also some minor bug fixes. Following this, I'll likely be releasing Catacombs gradually - task by task over the course of a few weeks, as each task still needs a lot of testing and some of them need custom code.
  12. 1. I don't know what you mean by this, but you can probably do it with the in-built break manager tribot has. 2. No, sorry, my mouse speed system is designed to protect people's accounts by making the mouse speed unique to the user. I am not currently taking any private script requests, sorry.
  13. As Olstan has said, if you select "Stop at Boss task", the script will stop if you get a Jad option Just a heads up for people, DaxWalker has been temperamental today, so you may see some errors with regards to this - hopefully the issues are resolved soon
  14. It's what I've been working on. It will include multiple new farming options, including Brutal Black Dragons. I will be releasing multiple updates to allow for this, but it takes time to code this many new things. Sorry, that's not ever going to be feasible. Those bosses would be an entire script each in themselves. Not at the moment, as Catacombs and my human-like combat update have been my priority for development. It is still a planned improvement for the future though! How can the script try, but fail, to teleport with the item? Sorry, I'm not s
  15. Will reply to you later Do you have Ironman mode selected? Ironman mode will attempt to use the most ironman-friendly teleports available - it rarely ever uses a Glory. Just check your debug to see what it says it needs to Glory for.
  16. If you don't have a Dragonfire shield in your bank, it will choose the Ward - there's no way around this other than to sell the shield because of the data structures I use for equipping/purchasing items, sorry.
  17. Hi, this is almost always caused by using Looking Glass and having plugins enabled on the client you're hooking onto Just disable all of your plugins (even non bank-related) and everything should work fine for you - this is a general rule for most Tribot scripts, since they were not designed to operate with plugins modying interfaces etc.
  18. Pushed Patch V1.18: ARKDefender Pro is the first of my scripts to now include my new human-like combat API! This includes more humanised camera movements (asynchronous/pseudo-precise), a powerful screenwalking system, new randomisation and profile-specific changes and a host of other changes. You should notice combat and interactions as seeming much smoother. Now sets your client zoom via scrolling if you are too zoomed in, to prevent strange gameplay interactions. Now uses my new debugging system - this will now highlight important information in different colours to help id
  19. That's what it currently does, it only deposits what it doesn't need for that task and only withdraws what it needs - what about how it works now did you not want?
  20. No, it does all of the tasks it says on the front page under the "Tasks Supported" section on the front page
  21. It will tell you why it needs an Amulet of Glory in the debug - it most likely needs it to teleport to a task, or maybe get back to Vannaka in case of needing to get a new task and not having a teletab.
  22. What tasks in particular? I don't think it loots for any of them at the moment?
  23. Please send me a PM with your debug from when this happens and I'll take a look
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