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  1. Released new patch (1.10) featuring: - Support for Combat, Super Combat and Bastion potions - Improvements to the world-hopping system - Final framework updates before Dwarf Multicannon release within the next 2-3 days
  2. Glad you like it Just pushed version 1.07, which includes: - Added support for Expeditious Bracelets - The script has a curated list of tasks that give low xp/hour or are hard relative to the value of their drops and will use Expeditious Bracelets on these tasks. This feature boosts xp, profit and points/hour by quite a lot, so I'd consider it worth activating. - Added support for Slayer Helmet (i) - Added support for the Lunar Staff as a Dramen Staff alternative - Fixed a whole host of checking-related bugs - Fixed a bug that caused users who did not have "Use Praye
  3. Released patch V1.02 featuring: - A fix for banking when users are wearing teleportation items - Massively improved antiban features - Improved reliability - Faster recognition of when under attack by guards
  4. Damn, sorry about that oversight. I'll have it fixed in a few minutes. Edit: Just waiting on confirmation from the repository that the update has gone through. Again, apologies for the oversight, especially since this is one of the only use-cases where my message failsafe doesn't save everything (since the failsafe resets to the bank). Edit 2: Repository isn't updating at the moment, may be a short while until the update is up^^ Edit 3: Repository is still not working, I'll post when the new version is up!
  5. I'll push an update tonight and hopefully that should fix any issues and implement your suggestions
  6. Sorted the banking clicking in the next version, thanks for the feedback^^ As for hopping, does it move from the safespot to the hobgoblin area and check before trying to hop again? I'll take a look at the code and check it out Also, did it eventually stop hopping and work? It definitely detected a player to have hopped, but it might have detected them in the wrong area
  7. So it just worked? Hmm, maybe a hooks issue, but I'll investigate further, keep me updated, all feedback is really appreciated!
  8. So when it starts up, does it try to open the bank to get your slayer gem out/interact with it? Does the GUI say "No task set"? If you start the script with a Slayer gem in your inventory, does it work? Do you have Slayer rings on or a Slayer helmet? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, just want to work this out quickly and get a fix out^^
  9. What task are you currently on? Is it displaying your current task in the GUI? Should be a quick fix, I probably just missed something small
  10. Uploaded a new version (1.25) - Vastly improved antiban, now properly making use of trackers/bit flags - Further to this, implemented ABC2 conditional banker hovering - Cleaner code Will be adding GE restocking within the next 2 days, just working on the GUI for it.
  11. Thanks for the bug report and details, should be fixed and uploaded within an hour or so Edit: New version uploaded, could you try it out and let me know if it works @adamhackz? If so, much appreciated for the bug report! Edit: Also pushed a new update including a fix for Wall Beast tasks
  12. Some quick questions: Which task were you assigned, Lesser Demons or Crawling Hands? Where did you start the script? Did it run from the bank to the spot correctly? Did it correctly identify the task (is your task Crawling Hands?) What client are you using?
  13. In case anyone was following this thread and hasn't seen, this script is now live and open to free public beta: For what it's worth, this script has created 3 Alchemical Hydra-ready accounts for me already, just during testing... those make some serious cash money
  14. This scipt is now live! Get it here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3487-arkslayer-pro/ Please be aware that this script is in Beta and should be babysat for now. And just for ease, here are the requirements that you MUST have done to run the script: Requirements Level 40 Combat (for Vannaka) and have spoken to Vannaka before to start the Slayer skill You must have a LIT Candle and (if 33+ Firemaking) a LIT bug lantern in your bank prior to beginning You must have entered the Lumbridge Swamp Caves once before running the script You MU
  15. Trains the Slayer skill for you, 100% automatically. Welcome to ARKSlayer Pro, Tribot's Premium Slayer script. ARKSlayer is now a Premium script! Check it out here. Thank you for all of your support so far! Ever wanted to farm Cerberus? Alchemical Hydra? Abyssal Sire? All of these highly lucrative bosses and more are locked behind tough Slayer requirements that struggle to be botted - not anymore! Features Supports: Turael (Low-level Slayer Master, no Combat requirement) Vannaka (Mid-High level Slayer Master, requires 40 Combat)
  16. Welcome to my Scripter application! Snippets: I have been focusing on achieving the scripting level I have previously been able to achieve after a long hiatus from this style of java development. I will be releasing snippets that I believe will prove useful to the community, including my Slayer script's cannonball quantity tracking code. Tutorials: The same as above applies Open source scripts available to the public: My GitHub: https://github.com/ArkScripts/Tribot My Utility class (with Encoded's Task framework included for script function
  17. Features Pickpockets the Draynor Master Farmer Supports all Food via ID Supports Dodgy Necklaces (with automatic replacement when each runs out) Informative paint with profit per hour calculated and % success rate Runs away when attacked by guards (if it misclicks them) Supports argument loading - type "lastRun" to skip the GUI and just load your previous save Full ABCL10/ABC2 support Variable reaction times settable in the GUI Working August 2020 Repository Link Usage Instructions: 1. Enter your F
  18. New Patch (1.15) released, including: - Finer control of reaction times via a better GUI slider - A whole host of improvements to Banking - A number of bug fixes to Banking - Better recognition of the closest valid fishing spot Enjoy! Edit: 19/04/2020 - Released an update which should improve the abc2 implementation of the script (using trackers)
  19. Released a new patch (1.22) now featuring: - Slightly re-worked GUI - Escape closing (press Escape to close Banking Interface) as an option (which should yield much more efficient xp/hour without sacrificing account safety) - Mild performance and efficiency changes Grand Exchange restocking is coming soon too! Edit: 15/04/2020: Released Patch 1.23: - Improved precision of control the user has in controlling reaction times and made the reaction-time slider easier to use in the GUI - Fixed a small bug with Amulets of Chemistry that occurred r
  20. Not 100% sure if this is actually affecting anything with how everything runs (does not immediately appear so), but I noticed that checking quests for me (using the QuestHelper and Quest classes - scripts.dax_api.shared.helpers.questing) returns State.UNKNOWN for completed quests. I noticed that the colour value for me for a "State.COMPLETE" quest is actually 901389, not 65280. I use OSBuddy as my client with LG, so I don't know if this is a colour change made by OSBuddy or an update by Jagex. Could you check this out?
  21. Shrimp fishing at Lumbridge then? Was banking on? I can test to see if this is working for me and address any issues. How long was it spamming for? Had it started doing any fishing? But that sounds a lot more like an IP flag to me than 2 minutes of running a script getting you banned. Edit: Looks like the fishing spots at Lumbridge, despite being "small net" fishing spots, only use "net" as their interaction string, so the script cannot detect them as shrimp spots. I'll be pushing a fix in 10 mins. Edit 2: V1.10 pushed, now fully supports all of the fishing spot types listed, a
  22. Some more info would be appreciated - where were you fishing and what? I am happy to address bugs. It seems unlikely that 2 minutes of running any script would get you banned though, it sounds like your account was flagged from previous activity.
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