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  1. I've personally recently only used the standard Tribot client, non-LG - I like to use the spoofing function, but I have no idea whether that has any effect. I don't believe there to be any comparison between LG and the standard client in terms of bans. I don't farm or run a lot of accounts, but I've not had any bans in a while. In other news... Pushed Patch V3.55: Upgraded my DaxWalker key to a larger capacity - this should now accommodate all of the traffic my scripts are experiencing and should help fix the "No path found" issues some users were experiencing Upda
  2. I'll explore this The script hasn't been updated in the last 2 days, so nothing will have changed. If you're using Looking Glass, projectiles are slow to be detected - this is a limitation of looking glass that I can't overcome sadly. I personally recommend not using Looking Glass, as it heavily impacts expected performance and tends to be moreunpredicatble than the standard client. On the normal client, superior monster projectile dodging works as intended I'm pushing an update today which upgrades my DaxWalker key, so it will be reliable again - this shouldn't be a prob
  3. Not at the moment - it's been in the works for a while, but it's difficult to work out how to make the script choose when to use combat prayers (e.g. what tasks, since it would need to also bring prayer potions) and how to make this customisable without adding too much setup complexity
  4. This is most likely due to the fact that the Dharoks helm degenerates, and so the script is not aware of it once it degrades from what you have selected in the GUI, so it will not try to re-equip it. The script does not officially support degradeable armour, so the solution is to just pick a non-degradeable helmet Sorry, it's just a limitation of my trying to keep equipment setup simple
  5. You can only use Antifire potions of any kind after completing Dragon Slayer too - so really, the answer is that you need to have done Dragon Slayer, or block the task, as that's really just a game mechanic
  6. Yeah, I can do that, no worries As for your question, the trolls always throw rocks, no matter what quests you've done
  7. It turns it on as soon as the trolls are detected; if it's delayed, it is related to frames/connection. If you are not using a replenishment banking choice (e.g. a POH with a suitable fountain for prayer replenishment or the Ferox Enclave), you may end up not having enough prayer to turn it on in this situation. If you want to always have max health and prayer, choose one of those options - I can't make those choices for you.
  8. You probably have the "Switch to Point Boosting mode when low on points" mode selected in the GUI (Advanced section)
  9. The script does not officially support degradeable items. If you use Barrows the script will likely work fine, but it will not repair your items if they fully degrade, so you will have to manage that yourself.
  10. Do you have bank plugins off in your client? Have you read the "Client debug" to see what it is saying is the reason for the issue? (the Bot Debug is rarely useful unless it shows an error). There have been some DaxWalker issues today which may be causing some temporary issues with pathing that should resolve on their own.
  11. I suggest using Ironman looting on an ironman account, as it activates the function of the script that prevents it looting other people's items If Irit seeds aren't on the ironman looting list, I'dd add them when i get round to the next patch Can take a look, will fiddle with some teleportation values soon Multiple foods is a little bit difficult, as it doesn't really work with my framework, but I'll see what I can do Not yet, those are a planned future addition though Issues similar to this are most often caused by not turning off a banking plugin in you
  12. 1. Easy fix 2. I'll see what I can do, but the antiposion code is very anti-profiled, so you might just be getting a profile that takes too many potions Did it have one in its inventory at the time?
  13. You probably have a plugin enabled in your client. You need to disable all plugins if using Looking Glass and any TRiBot script.
  14. Hey - looks like you had a very unlucky (and unlikely!) event where the script ran out of Rings of Duelling exactly as it needed to purchase some items from the Slayer store. It ended up not having a way of teleporting back to the Ferox Enclave and so tried to walk. I'll add an extra check to prevent this happening. If your account has a Ring of Duelling in the bank/inventory, feel free to PM me so I can debug further. The script is designed to instantly log out if it ever ends up in the Wilderness, to keep your account safe - it looks like that worked as intended and you shouldn't have l
  15. I'm quite sure there isn't a memory leak anywhere in the script - I profiled it to check... If you're struggling, turn off the paint in the GUI, as this may help lower RAM requirements by reducing the volume of resources loaded on initialisation. If there was a memory leak in the script, the memory wouldn't be released by simply moving away from an area. I'm happy to explore further though. I do all of my support on the forums, so PMing me on here is the best way to get in contact.
  16. It'll be because that is what DaxWalker thought was the fastest path - I don't have too much control over what it decides, but it is usually mathematically correct I have a guide on the front page that includes some tips to increase XP rates, based on the script's options and what your account has unlocked Using the custom task-skipping function can be useful if you want to maximise xp or profit; just check out guides on Youtube to identify the tasks worth skipping for each.
  17. Thanks for the feedback, post and progress reports, they're very appreciated! I'm glad you managed to achieve your goal I'll get the Abyssal farming issue resolved, thanks for the report
  18. Alchemy is already supported for free farming if the monster you are killing has alchable items, you just have to select it in the GUI
  19. I'll explore how difficult it will be for me to make an exception for taking an SGS on this task if chosen as elegantly as possible from a code perspective. I'd definitely like to explore making equipment loadout-specific setups with potions etc. - at the moment though, I need to balance the GUI being easy to use with adding new features. I have to do this in a simple way that will not confuse new users They're on the to-do list and will be added within the next month
  20. You can't use an SGS on Kurask and Turoth tasks, can you? They can only be damaged with a leaf-bladed weapon and I don't think the SGS does anything unless it lands damage? Could be wrong
  21. Assuming you mean dismissing Random Events, this script does that, you just need to select it in the GUI.
  22. I've pushed a patch that increases the script's perceived value of a Slayer Ring teleport - however this is always calculated based on distance covered, and if the script decides it will save a significant amount of time by teleporting (more than 15 seconds approximately I'd say?), it will choose to teleport anyway, as it is simply better
  23. It's an issue caused by you choosing an excessive numbers of potions. You just need to lower one of those values. This is why I didn't want to raise the number - the script wants to take a minimum amount of food for safety and needs to keep some inventory slots free. I'll lower the maximum amount of Prayer Potions you can take to a safe amount from my perspective. Pushed Patch V1.13: Modified the food requirement if "Attack Skill Cape" mode is selected in the GUI to prevent the script struggling if too many potions are selected in the GUI Reduced the maximum number of Praye
  24. Looks like you've setup your Equipment wrong to me. You shouldn't have a Bracelet of Slaughter in your Equipment loadout. If you want to use Bracelets of Slaughter, select the tickbox for it in the GUI. It will use all doses of potions at the moment, it's how it's designed
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