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  1. It can buy Fungicide etc. from the Slayer Master directly - just leave that feature on and it won't stop, as you can buy them as an Ironman. You probably didn't have enough (it does the maths for multiple trips), which is why it stopped. Rune Pouch support is definitely on the list - the list is just very long
  2. Glad to hear it The only reason I can see for it to double click the house teleport is if it timed out waiting to end up in your house - in which case that's usually a latency issue. Feel free to send me a gif of it happening via PM and I can make sure it isn't a script problem It treats Wyrms as a Dragon task at the moment. As it says in the GUI, please don't have an Antidragon shield in your Dragon loadout, since not all Dragon tasks need one. Because I've had to deal with a lot of questions about this, I will make Wyrms Prayer Equipment tasks, unless Prayer is not used, in whi
  3. Can you PM me the debug from when this happens? Particularly including the debug from before the message appears and when it banks Edit: A picture of the inventory after banking would also help!
  4. I can't make it 28, as the GUI needs to account for all users, some of whom will not have Attack Capes and so need slots for tokens/armour (or some users will want to take alch runes etc.), but I'll raised the limit to the highest value safely possible Sadly, I can't assume people will do the maths for themselves, so I have to be cautious Pushed Patch V1.12: - Raised the maximum number of Prayer Potions that can be taken per trip to 21 - Improved pathfinding algorithm in some areas - Improved the anti-pattern and reliability of deathwalking
  5. It changes for each user, but also on each separate script run (there are multiple spots it can choose from) - sometimes you'll get a slightly less efficient spot, but it's important from an anti-pattern perspective to maintain that variety Pushed Patch V3.50: - Improved pathfinding algorithm in some areas - Now more reliably checks for all teleport items before leaving the bank - Improved the anti-pattern and reliability of deathwalking
  6. I think I'd probably look to add it at the same time as I added Seed Pouch support Wyrms are currently considered Dragon tasks - this is because they are weak to stab and the best solution to a Wyrms task is to complete it quickly (as they suck for XP/gold really). Magic Melee is designed for monsters who attack with melee attacks that need magic defence to be protected against e.g. Jellies. Wyrms attack with multiple attack styles and setting them as magic melee will make you actually take more damage from the melee attacks - so it's better to keep them as a dragon task. It techni
  7. Actually, it was detecting your Attack Cape fine, it was just still requiring you to have the armour in case you took the cape off and started needing tokens. I've updated the script and it now has an "Attack Cape" option in the Animated Armour portion of the GUI. It won't need any armour in your bank anymore for this mode, which should make it operate how you wanted. Thanks for the debug, it was useful. Should be fixed in the patch I just pushed Pushed Patch V1.11: - Attack Skill Cape mode is now an option in the GUI under "Animated Armours" to avoid user confu
  8. Cave Horrors are in the pipeline, I just don't have time to quest accounts, so all of my test accounts are high-Slayer stat sticks with no quests Seed box is possible, the only difficulty being that I'd need to write a tracking system like the one I have for Herb sacks, which takes time. My priority for now is POH banking and making the script use the best possible option in the users' house for this. Ironman looting works by blacklisting tiles - the script will usually try to loot an item once and then blacklist that item if it's not for us. Wyrms have a large loot table, which is
  9. Please post the debug from when this happens - it is probably telling you what is wrong
  10. I'll make it not take a Herb Sack on Nechryael tasks People would tick the box without having the requirements and then send me messages telling me my script doesn't work when they just don't have the requirements I'll have a think if it's worth doing it like that If the client was paused, that must have been you, sorry I need you to send me the debug from when this happens for me to fix it. If you PM me the debug, I will be able to see what went wrong.
  11. My teleportation system is really quite complex, but I'll check this out. Is this thr Desert Amulet 4? It sounds like something more serious went wrong for your account to die - do you have any debug from that? Re: Skeletal Wyverns - yeah, just have only the best Wyverns shield in your bank and it will use it. It even supports the DFS/Wyvern Shield. Re: Marble Gargoyle: It should react quite well to the special attack already and will actively dodge the projectile - unless you're on Looking Glass, in which case there's not much I can do to help, as that's the trade-off for us
  12. Okay, I'll just make it check whether you have an Attack Cape equipped at the start, and if you do it will just set the token requirement to 0 I'll probably be able to push the patch tomorrow Pushed Patch V1.10: - Now supports using the Attack Skill Cape - if you equip an Attack Skill Cape on start, the token requirement is set to 0 and the script will skip getting more tokens (as this is a perk of the Attack Cape) @gabrielspecter I believe this should work for what you wanted now - Minor API-related anti-pattern changes
  13. I wasn't aware that was a thing - is it simply a case of not needing any tokens for any of the steps in getting a defender? Are there any extra steps?
  14. Probably not, getting the setting for the elite desert diary is likely to be very difficult and would be very niche. I'll be adding the custom task stopping you requested in the patch after this one though. Pushed Patch V3.47: - Fixed an issue with pathing to Zombie tasks - The script will now deal with level-up messages - this was previously rarely causing the script to end due to a failsafe - Fixed a potential rare NPE that could occur when a DC occurred mid-attack - Will now much more reliably check for teleportation items before leaving the bank - Standardised some
  15. I'm sure it does work, have you tried talking to the developer so he can tell you what you're doing wrong?
  16. No, it's an issue I'm aware about specifically with that task. Should be fixed tomorrow
  17. Is it only that task? Sounds like you have "Withdraw-All" on in your bank, it doesn't do that otherwise.
  18. Yeah, I made some modifications to the priority the script places on Rings of Wealth - the issue was with it trying to use the Ring of Wealth to teleport to a Fairy Ring when it should be walking to the bank instead. It's very difficult (impossible in fact) to test, so hopefully this resolved the issue.
  19. As Eventide has already helpfully pointed out, to run any Tribot script safely in Looking Glass, you need to disable all plugins - the reason being that the script was not coded to run with these plugins and they tend to modify interfaces, which are important to track. I'm sure there are some that probably work fine with the script, but I advise to disable them all for safety No, it does not use safe spots. It does support Ranged however, without using safe spots. I can add this, sure In other news... Pushed Patch V3.45: Fixed a bug causing the Mounte
  20. No, I just don't think I added a specific non-deposit condition for ironman accounts - I'll get it sorted
  21. What type of pool? Please send me the debug in a PM Is this iron-man mode?
  22. Sometimes the script will deposit all of its items. It's an anti-pattern measure based on estimated time to deposit/withdraw. Good to hear that! Regarding your suggestions: 1. Happy to remove this, looks like an oversight by me 2. Does it withdraw both? I don't think it does o.O Any debug would be appreciated 3. This is an anti-pattern measure, I wouldn't worry about it 4. I'll check this out and see if it's worth it - I'm just worried that a lot of legit players don't loot the fire runes and this will make the script behave strangely 5. I won't be able t
  23. Weird, I can't see any reason why it would be trying to teleport out with the ring of wealth - why does it have a ring of wealth in its inventory? Can you send me a full debug from a drake task (including banking) via PM for me to look at? Can you PM me the full debug? The script thought something went wrong and decided to stop Edit: 27/03/2021 Pushed Patch V3.44: - Reworked Deathwalking to be considerably more reliable - Fixed an issue with banking on Werewolf tasks failing - Improved pathfinding in general - Fixed a rare NPE caused by Attack Initiation tha
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