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  1. Glad to hear it's working well for you Each account that runs this script will aim for a different number of tokens, specifically assigned based on the username of the account - I considered letting people set the value themselves, but I thought it was actually safer to make the script manage the value, as it'd be better for anti-profiling.
  2. If it's an issue that's not consistent, it's probably something on your end rather than the script, since I haven't changed it today and I've had no other reports about issues starting
  3. It won't go to the pool at all on Drakes tasks, that's just how it works^^ I'll check the rebanking issue, it should be eating the food for sure. Is it using antifires for you?
  4. It dodges the fireballs if it needs to, otherwise dodging every time is very robotic - you don't need to dodge at all if you have antifires, as this protects from all of the damage when combined with the boots of stone. If it's stuck on pathing, you probably disconnected from the internet or the server temporarily and it was waiting to repoll the server - this can take a few seconds and is just unlucky. There's not much I can do about connection issues, from either side (it could have been dax's server). If you die, the script has full deathwalking coded to recover, so it isn't the end of
  5. I'll be pushing a fix for this tonight I'll see what I can do Should be able to set it to bank at the GE Edit: Pushed V3.43 - which includes a fix for the NPE that was being experienced by some users, as well as some other minor improvements
  6. I'll probably just be re-writing the house teleport management system Possibly, but it is lower priority than improving POH teleporting I'll check it out
  7. Do you have any debug for me to work off? I can't see how a simple method for grabbing objects would be failing inconsistently if they're all that close - there might be something strange going on
  8. It has that already, look in advanced settings No, Barrows armour is not officially supported, it won't repair it
  9. The reason it can't find the Glory sometimes is quite simply what it says on the box - it can't find it. Most likely, your Pool is too far away from the Glory I think it may be down to you to move it, as the script can only see so far. I'm exploring adding new ways to bank through your house, however it's important to note that everyone's house is different and so testing this is very difficult - which is why it's taking me extra time. The intention is to support the Portal Nexus and/or Jewellery box, both automatically detected. Glad to hear you're having a good experience
  10. Pushed Patch V3.42: - Improved Pathfinding API - The script will now more consistently dismiss warning messages e.g. when entering the desert - The script will now set your in-game settings correctly more consistently when starting up - The script will now simply return home if your cannon is lost on a task for any weird reason and work from there, rather than idling - Improved the size of the Ankou combat area, to prevent the script from having to re-enter so frequently when dragged out by moonwalking-ankous - Some other minor improvements
  11. Pushed Patch V1.09: - Improved Pathfinding API and navigation around the guild - Some minor anti-profiling improvements
  12. Necklace of Passage is probably for returning to Nieve - it'll say why it's taking each item in the debug It does supports Suqahs, however it will skip them if you are using ironman mode, as it currently uses a scroll to reach the Lunar Isles (due to difficult pathing otherwise), which are very hard to get on ironman accounts.
  13. Well, since you already have the fastest Fairy Ring unlocked, yes. It's an option for those who haven't completed Throne of Miscellania.
  14. Where does it TP to using a Ring of Wealth for Fairy Rings? It must be faster to use the RoW than the cape
  15. I'll re-add the possibility for Ironman accounts to do Jatizso trolls - I think they were removed due to the Prayer Potion requirements + travel times, but at least one of those issues is resolved with my new local banking feature that will bank on Jatizso I think you're very much in the minority as an ironman with Iorwerth Scrolls in their bank - since task potential is caculated without taking into account bank (so that the script can start from any point), I don't think I can add an option for ironmen to do Elf tasks if they have the scrolls, as they are very rare. Probably best to b
  16. Jewellery box is being worked on, but I've been very keen to really focus on core improvements to the script and anti-pattern designs. Catacombs of Kourend will eventually be supported for certain tasks/ free-farming in some capacity, but they're not a priority, given how well Slayer training currently works without them.
  17. Automatically obtains the Dragon Defender from the Warrior's Guild token minigame. Welcome to ARKDefender Pro, your easy solution to obtaining any Defender. Features: The option to obtain any Defender, including the Dragon Defender Ample customisation options: A choice of which armour to animate to gain tokens The option to stop when a certain rank of Defender is obtained, or continue farming after obtaining the Dragon Defender (for duplicates) A choice of whether to use any combat potions to improve speed The option to us
  18. Pushed Patch V3.40: - NEW: Added Nulodion Cannon retrieval - will automatically retrieve your cannon from Nulodion if it is lost (Beta) - This feature must be activated in the Advanced section of the GUI - NEW: The script will now only deposit teleportation items (e.g. Rings of Duelling etc.) when banking if they are not needed for the next task or we need a version of the item with more charges - This should help the script appear more human-like, but also make banking roughly 20-30% faster - Pattern-Breaker system added for combat wait times - Added multiple other u
  19. I can add those to Ironman-mode looting The Bracelet of Slaughter is not charge-checked because I felt it was less important. It will check charges for the Expeditious Bracelet however It kills the level 1 Rats at a lower combat level, then switches to the swamp. When testing, the kills/hour at higher combat levels is higher on the swamp rats than the ones behind the castle (6 spawns vs 4)
  20. The OSRS GE API (official runescape one) went down for a bit. Should be fixed. Not too much else I can do I'll have a think. It does use the "Deposit all" button, but not always, to prevent detection.
  21. Pushed Patch V3.38: - Multiple antiban changes to my core API methods - Changes to the anti-profiling system for looting waits - Small fix for Ghouls task travelling from Varrock - Will now correctly loot Clue Scrolls on Ironman accounts Edit: Also Pushed V3.39: - Changes to combat wait-times
  22. I'll check it out Looks like you have multiple plugins enabled in your client. Disable them all.
  23. Pushed V3.37, an anti-profiling/anti-ban patch: - Anti-profiling overhaul - you may notice some significant timing changes - Changes made are undisclosed for safety - Performance improvements for users not using CPU-reduction mode
  24. Not even a remotely useful comment. Most people use this script very successfully and the script's antiban is as optimised as I feel it is possible to make it - I pump out an anti-profiling related update every week at a minimum. A lot of luck comes into botting and you got unlucky. In other, more useful, news... Pushed Patch V3.36: - Cannon placement and reloading should now be considerably more reliable - Should no longer loot the single fire rune spawns on Black Demon tasks when using Ironman mode (or anything very low value) - Will now shutdown more elegantly
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