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  1. Im a simple man. I see Einstien script and i buy.
  2. I’m running into an issue with the bot being delayed because of a misclick. Itll missclick (probably because of lag) on a different spell instead of high alch and cause it to just be stand there and moving the mouse.
  3. Account sales are not allowed on tribot, you should try on sythe or playerauctions.
  4. Thank you so much!!!!!! I would be very interested in helping the beta with being a tester.
  5. jcnj609

    Looking Glass

    Have you tried disabling OSBuddy plugs? Also what other programs are you running?
  6. jcnj609

    Auto Mule Script

    Thanks as always!
  7. Are you able to have the account use prayer against superior slayer monsters? Example would be bloodvelds the script doesn’t use prayer but the superior bloodveld wastes about half or more of food in the inventory.
  8. Ya that sounds way better. I worded what i would want added horribly.
  9. +1 Thanks bro. Just got back into botting after a big break from RS. Glad to get LG back.
  10. Tribot now releasing a bot that will bot your bots.
  11. Your wrong. I have had maxed accounts with no prior offenses get banned for macroing. This accounts were either hijacked, stolen, etc etc but have had accounts with username login with high stats get banned without 2 day.
  12. Worthy Construction v1/v2. I believe this was one of the only successful construction bots tribot has seen while being a top tier script. Worthy's construction script helped me from having parkinsons disease no cap. @Worthy https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/633-w-constructor/
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