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  1. Does any working combat script support ammonite crabs? Re-agroing them
  2. Looking for firecape 15 prayer 60 def 61 range 15 prayer 70+ hp How much? Can pay by paypal or osrs gp
  3. You can find a sister crop circle in one of 6 places throughout Gielinor. So, no you don’t
  4. jibpann

    Maxthon with Mac

    Yohojo's guide listed three, I clicked proxyfish and decided to go with it
  5. jibpann

    Maxthon with Mac

    I entered that into the settings on my mac, applied them and then Maxthon couldn't connect to the internet. But I will try to use through tribot and see where that goes. However isn't it best to first create an account through the specified proxy and then use it respectively through tribot?
  6. jibpann

    Maxthon with Mac

    Hey guys, Totally new to this, but from what I've taken so far is that it's best to use a proxy. Only using 1 bot currently, but I figured I would try to do it the right way. Anyhow, I downloaded Maxthon for Mac, got a proxy through Proxyfish- and I don't know how to set it up. When I go into Maxthon, I hit advanced settings, then I hit 'change proxy settings' and my macs network settings pops up. See attachment. From proxyfish I received an: IP address 'Port' Along with a username and password. Where do I properly add the information I was given into the spaces shown in the attachment? Ive tried putting the IP first, port second in the smaller box, and of course the username and password in their respective boxes- which did not work. Huge noob here, but trying to learn. Thank you
  7. Anyone currently using Tri's Puro Puro? How is it?
  8. Also lets say I bot at night while I'm sleeping, and then use my main during the day (all from the same IP) Is that way more suspicious? It's one bot, leveled it up to about 20
  9. How do I set up breaks? When I hit the breaks tab on the first tab that opens when I start the bot it only lets me select 'no breaks' Really appreciate all the feedback
  10. Bought VIP/a few premium scrips a couple days ago. I've been using my home IP address, which from what I've read is dangerous? As that IP can be flagged and my main that I don't not on can be affected (correct me if I'm wrong) How can I use a proxy? Is that generally a better option? How do you set one up? What is a 'dynamic signature'? Does that affect anything while botting? Would love to hear any general advice/tips for botting. I fully understand the danger of botting. Thanks fam
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