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  1. Maybe not relevant since you already purchased a VPS but Virmach has a ton of Runescape specific VPS' you can get that come pre-installed with Java and like 4 different bot clients, TriBot included. May not be 100% accurate today, but whenever I needed something real quick the past couple years I've always been able to skip initial setup by paying for one of their Runescape specific ones.
  2. Honestly though, your primary focus should be grinding out enough cash to get a paid set of proxies or a good VPN. Private connections will help your shit last way longer and then it's just profit from there after you pay for proxies, hosting (if not using your PC) and bond expenses.
  3. Garalic

    220M 07 gp

    Pretty sure you posted this in the wrong section... Try this https://tribot.org/forums/forum/58-buying/
  4. Garalic


    It should only ask you to pay enough to make up the difference between VIP & VIP-E for the remaining duration of the subscription, as well.
  5. Garalic


    Depends on what you're doing and how many bots you're running. I'd personally recommend finding some good SOCKS proxies and making sure any bots are kept separate from your main IP.
  6. Garalic


    Here are 4 sticks of 8GB RAM that should work just fine with your motherboard (since you have the i7 7700 I know your motherboard is LGA-1151). About $200 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231710
  7. Additionally, for creating accounts and managing them and stuff, I'd suggest the FoxyProxy plugin for FireFox. It has support for SOCKS proxies (much much better than the built-in FireFox network settings does) and will make your life so much easier. Don't forget to clear all browser data (history, cookies, etc) before switching accounts.
  8. I won't make you give me 2m lol, hardly took any time to answer the question.
  9. Oh god I'm going to go hang myself now. I've spent ages looking at Clicking and DynamicClicking thinking it'd be something like "ClickAndDrag()" or whatever. Thanks mate. I'm still open to input from anyone who cares to read my wall of text about my ideas for handling the scrolling. Curious as to what others think and if I'm just being dumb and stupid like I was by overlooking Mouse.drag.
  10. Garalic


    1. With your processor you won't have any issues with bots. I would expect about 3% CPU usage for each client at most. The earliest bottleneck you'll find will be the 16GB of RAM. I'd suggest upgrading that to 32GB anyway, even if you didn't want to run a bot farm, simply because having an i7 7700 with 16GB of RAM opens you to unfortunate bottlenecks from the memory. This is an off-topic suggestion but useful if you ever want to multitask. 2. You'll lose a lot of money at first. Volcom3d is right, no one here is willing to spoon feed methods or strats. We're all making our own money and like any industry where money is to be made, it's pretty cutthroat at times. 3. I wouldn't even risk my TriBot account by saying anything other than TriBot. That being said, I firmly believe TriBot is the best and I've been around for a while even if I've been a lurker for years. 4. Unless you're pushing 1B+ at a time, you won't be getting banned. 5. New accounts can immediately begin making 400-500k per hour depending on if you have a mule/main set them up or not. It's not hard at all to get started.
  11. Make sure this slider is all the way to the left. Also please don't hack me I forgot to censor the run energy.
  12. Hey mates, I'm working on making my own sort of API for making buy offers from the Grand Exchange, as I read a post on April 11th stating it was broken in certain instances (the post I read specifically mentioned trying to buy leather but only ever selecting hard leather). For what I'm doing, I need to make 0 mistakes on what I'm buying. So here's some background info and then the main question I have. If you don't want to read the "why" portion, my question is "Can you click and drag the mouse?". I've got searching for items down pat, it's been quite trivial to go through the interfaces and document the appropriate components and such, but the one thing that's tripping me up is *scrolling* to an item I want, in case it's off screen. 99% of the time it won't be a problem, but one REALLY good example would be trying to search for "knife". The normal object, not a throwing knife. There's no way to reduce the number of search results because adding any character to the search string would cause it to NOT find the normal knife object. I know that the main chatbox interface is 162, and that Child 33 is the search text input area. That was easy enough. Search results are stored as components inside of Child 38, at which point I can iterate through and click on the correct search result, comparing item names with the desired item I want to purchase. However, when I have to scroll to view an item this becomes a bit more complex. Inside of Child 38, if an item isn't visible it doesn't mark it as hidden or not visible or anything, so the easiest way to detect if it's on the screen or not (assuming the client is using fixed mode), is to check the absolute bounds to see if the "y" value is within the correct range to be on screen. Generally, this is anything with a "y" value of more than approximately 470. This has a few solutions, all of which revolve around Child 39, which is the scroll bar area. I could either move the scroll bar itself an appropriate amount (compare the height of Component 1, the actual scroll bar itself, with Component 0, the scroll bar bounds which does not include the up/down buttons). I can take the starting height of the scroll bar, assume that it's size represents 3 rows of search results, and proportionally move the scroll bar however far it needs to go to show 3 more rows of search results if allowed. Secondly, one solution would simply be to click the "scroll down" button until the desired item is on screen (click once or twice then check the absolute bounds of the item result and see if it's on screen or not). Let me know if you guys have any ideas on how to handle this better that I may have missed, and please do let me know if you know how to click and drag within the API (basically the only thing I've not found in the API, if it even exists). Thanks, Garalic P.S. If buying from the Grand Exchange isn't broken, please do tell me.
  13. Get a different SOCKS provider and use FoxyProxy for FireFox to create accounts, it's up to you how many you use per address, but having identical creation and botting ips will go a long way too.
  14. Nope, unless you have two network adapters and pull off some tech wizardry you can't make use of a secondary network connection. Additionally, the Xfinity Wifi Hotspot is just something Comcast does to allow their subscribers to be able to access the internet anywhere there's Comcast internet. Basically, it's just a guest network on top of your normal connection, not a second line. Since they're the same device, the external IPs aren't different. If you've noticed that your IP changes when you switch between the two, it's possible you're connecting to another nearby public Xfinity Wifi Hotspot. The only real way to have multiple external IP addresses would be SOCKS proxies inside of the TriBot client.
  15. Off topic but if Jagex ever sues me can you be my defense attorney?
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