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  1. what is the likely hood of being banned with this bot?? If you have had a 2 day warning ban for botting already??
  2. Do i need to have buckets and pots in my bank to if so do i need the exact same as the amount of bones in bank
  3. say i buy the beta version how do i get all the perks for buying it i don't fallow could you please help
  4. This has been happening ever since the update today if you could plz fix it i have been loving this script [20:46:53] Script Started: jFletcher. [20:46:53] jFletcher: jFletcher starting [20:46:53] jFletcher: Level requirement is: 70. Actual level is: 84 [20:47:58] jFletcher: Couldnt find a bank [20:47:58] jFletcher: jFletcher ending [20:47:58] Script Ended: jFletcher.
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