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  1. either children who believe them or older people who realize its a lure but a curious.
  2. Surefest


    If i decided to bot up a pure would my legit main be at risk of ban if i never logged into the bot client?
  3. im primarily going to botting for quest req and nucense skills like 60-70 ranged while babysitting playing gmod or other games. ill be playing legit alot and all that good stuff what im asking is is there a real big risk or a there always a risk risk. i know jagex has been laying down the law lately on bots so i just dont want to have wasted the last month and a half of legiting this acccount.
  4. I've started to play legit, but theres some skills i just cant do. What are the chances i get banned if i only babysit bot so basically only during times i would be playing anyway. i would always be at the computer unless i get up for a short period of time.
  5. with jagex's ban rates on bots now and the fact that any main i did have has been banned i think i should quit. I have tried in the last week to bot up 2 new mains but they keep getting banned. i mainly botted over night and quested through the day over spring break but the accounts just keep getting banned. so getting an account to where they need to get just doesnt seem feasable anymore.
  6. is it possible to get the repository version of this if i have a salvation auth for it.
  7. is it possible to get the repository version if i have a salvation auth for the bot? i havent played in a while @wussupwussup
  8. i purchased this bot before the script repository and i cant find my auth for it if i have an order id is it possible for you to give me the bot that way. i purchase through paypal.
  9. Surefest

    Bot Bussting today

    its the client if i had to bet i logged in and both my accounts were instabanned
  10. the bans probs arent botting too long jagmods like to hang around chins and ban them. this script is too good and chins are good money.
  11. hey i had the same problem you need to extract the script loader dont run the .jar file extract it like you would a local script.
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