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  1. Well I unfortunately got the ban hammer after about 15 hours with this script. 30 minutes to 1 hour using it total at a time and then i would do agility by hand for 30 minutes and get off, wait a period of time and then get back on and bot the same 30 mins - an hour. I Loved it and it functioned very well but damn you can't get anything past Jagex now.
  2. Is this being updated? It currently just stands in the area of which I have chosen (best for my level) and it just turns the camera. Thanks,
  3. Yuneek

    Buying osrs gold.

    I have 9 Tribot credits. How much would I get for that? Thanks,
  4. I have. I've tried x86 and it just tell me to run everything in 32 if osbuddy is, (which it is). Im so confused.
  5. Everytime I load Looking Glass, the screen just appears black on the tribot client but I can see inventory, etc. Please see attached for issues. Please help in correcting. I bought VIP E and haven't been able to use it so far for 24 hours.
  6. Can someone please help me fix this. Everytime I start the client it does this. Thanks,
  7. Looking for credits. Paypal is my payment method. Thanks!
  8. Trying to buy credits via Paypal - everytime I send the verification link, nothing is received in my e-mail. I haven't been able to purchase credits through tribot since I can remember and I've been a member since 2014. Any way around this? Any direct links to people who accept credits for paypal?? Thanks,
  9. Hey guys, I've been gone a while from OSRS and Tribot and recently decided to get back into it as I've got more downtime after having a kid. Is Tribot still pretty risky to use as it was a little while back when accounts were getting banned within hours of running scripts, including tut island? Thanks all!
  10. Just tried using this and i watched it chop about 10 logs and then it ran to the entrance and tried leaving the mini game. Any ideas how to correct this?
  11. Any way you could add a function to where the mouse hovers over the next rock (specifically for power mining iron)? I have ABC2 delays off, quick modifier on 1 which idk what that does and the delay is set to Faster -1 which I think is the slowest modifier? It just seems to be missing out on maximizing xp. I could be gaining about 15k more /hr if the bot hovered over the next rock. Do you have any tips for getting the fastest reaction out of power mining cause it seems to delay a little bit from time to time. Thanks!
  12. When using this script at Red Sally's the 3 trap spot, it eventually says "insufficient trap amount" then it ends the script. Only runs about 5 mins before doing this. Any ideas how to fix? Thanks,
  13. Yuneek

    Buying 15 Credits

    I've tried this but I got an error the first time saying please try again later. Now, the paypal email verification won't send.
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