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  1. Profile of user: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/496647-tee01422/ Date: 15-07-2020 Feedback left: Cries and asks for mod to take away negative rating whenever he trolls. Why should it be removed: See previous dispute: Can we get this man banned from making feedbacks?
  2. Profile of user: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/496647-tee01422/ Date: 08-07-2020 Feedback left: "Unhelpfull" Why should it be removed: It had nothing to do with a trade, the man asked how to stop getting banned so I replied with "Stop botting". The link on the actual feedback isn't correct either, this is where the magic happened:
  3. When the ingame worldhopper is open it can't find the logout button. Interface is 69 (master), 23 (child). Not using LG, tried the most recent version aswell as 24.2.
  4. @Fluffee if you're still supporting the script, change the following constants as they're outdated NPCChat.IN_CHAT_INTERFACE = 562; //was 561 OpenWornInterface.EQUIP_BUTTON = 1; //was 17
  5. RSItem[] chocolate = Banking.find(chocolate_ID); //store this if (chocolate.lenght > 0) { //check if array isn't empty chocolate[0].getStack(); //do what you must here } } Could be simplified if you only need to know IF there's chocolate in the bank in stead of how many: Banking.find(chocolate_ID).lenght > 0 //returns true if chocolate is found (doesn't check quantity) false otherwise
  6. Very impressive, ran the trial and got stuck at Gertrude's Cat when picking up the Doogle leaves once, the other 5 times I couldn't replicate it. Thanks for making life so much easier!
  7. It all depends on your method. See if it takes a day to get the accounts to the point where you can bot them you don't want them to be banned within 24 hours so you play it safe. If you have a method where it takes 30 minutes - 1 hour to set up the accounts it's no problem suiciding them 24h a day to get as much money back.
  8. Reload client, it's working for me.
  9. Great to hear! What's the ETA of such issues after updates?
  10. I'm somewhat at a loss since the Filter class got deprecated. Where at first I'd use this; boolean somethingNear(String s) { return Objects.find(10, Filters.Objects.nameEquals(s).length > 0; } I'd now resort to using this for the same method. private boolean somethingNear(String s) { return Objects.find(10, (rsobject) -> rsobject != null && rsobject.getDefinition() != null && rsobject.getDefinition().getName() != null && rsobject.getDefinition().getName().equals(s)).length > 0; } Can someone who knows what they're doing explain to me if there's a better way?
  11. I'm looking for a way to read the message on the welcome page. Ex. "Welcome to RuneScape", "Your account has been disabled..." etc. Anyone's got an idea?
  12. How would one go with walking long distances? As stated in the OP Dijkstra's is limited to the current loaded map.
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