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  1. That's the reason I've been staying away from LG. I've never noticed my ban rates were too 'high' and hearing users and scripters complain about LG bugs doesn't really make it more tempting. That and if it doesn't reduce the banrate I'm just wasting an extra client which I could've ran another bot on. Although I might just run a couple tests in the near future to see for myself.
  2. Very true, although I was just wondering how many people have never used LG like myself, and possibly vice versa.
  3. iEatApplez

    That moment...

    Do you ever switch IP's? If not you could very easily start new scripts and new accounts trough the Bot Panel.
  4. I had 1 ban from this script on an account that used this 2 months 24/7. The other one is still going strong with over 2 months running. I'm attempting to suicide this one to see how far it comes. Made amazing profit from it already. If you're really afraid of bans just make a new account after every month or even 2 weeks. I've heard lvl 3 fresh accounts have the same banrate as higher level accounts. I personally use accounts that are capable of voting at minimum (25 hours gameplay time and 300+ total).
  5. I'm not saying you're not right, but I don't quite believe that. Do you have any proof?
  6. Bringing up MAC adress bans is a good one, that might have something to do with it. Although, say I have 2 users on my Windows PC, user 1 is running bots and locked the acc. Then I'm playing legit on user 2. They'd still have the same MAC adress as far as I know. Never really focussed on MAC bans as I didn't think Jagex would even look at it.
  7. Me neither, I sometimes play on my ironman for fun (once or twice a month) and mainly check new goldfarming methods on my main. Chain banning by IP would make no sense as there's places where 100's of computers use the same IP so if 1 would bot the 99 others wouldn't be banned. That's probably also the reason why Jagex doesn't IP ban.
  8. Should've sent jagex a message then. If you have indeed never botted on the account they'll unban you. It could've been your brother botting on his accounts for example.
  9. So? I've played my main on my flagged IP for ages. If you don't bot you won't get banned. I don't interact with my bots in any way as well. If he didn't bot anything on his account it might very well be TRiBot is detectable now. I actually got banned on a fresh account with proxy as well without botting anything on it.
  10. iEatApplez

    VPS for 2 bots.

    I've never used LG because I'm hearing a lot about LG issues. You're sure your RAM and CPU is enough for 4 clients? I usually try to stay below 90% CPU and 500MB RAM per client. Anything above that gets buggy over time from what I've seen.
  11. Can confirm and show unread PMs as well.
  12. Last time I had this error was due a memory leak in my script, it did give a couple errors in the debug, might check those next time it happens. It could have very well been caused by the RS update earlier today (don't know if you were botting during it). My bet is to just try it again, see if it happens again and check for errors if it does.
  13. iEatApplez

    VPS for 2 bots.

    I can vouch for virtualbuddy, it does look like it's lagging but the bot runs with 100% efficiency, it's like the FPS delay in the client's settings. Also, a VPS and a proxy are 2 separate things. A VPS will have a standalone connection while a proxy would slow down your connection speed based on where the proxy server is located.
  14. Don't run multiple tabs. Just use 1 tab per client. It shouldn't interfere with eachother if they're 2 seperate scripts but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  15. Then it doesn't really sound like the same method, does it?
  16. I wouldn't even go for 200k/h methods as private scripts. I'm currently looking at a private 800k/h method with reqs that take 2-3 days, botted.
  17. I do believe that you can sell your methods, don't quote me on that though.
  18. I do think an online version would be preferred, but if you can make it while keeping the same CPU and memory usage I say give it a go.
  19. I've currently put everything on a hold, keeping this acc 'till my auth runs out and then I'm switching to something else to test out other methods. I like the low banrate with the script but as you say the money is kinda slow and the investment is pretty big, combine that with risking 30m per account I'd prefer to have another method. But this works for now.
  20. I've got a list of 15 items with 2-3 being top-notch, the others are just fillers for when those 2-3 don't have big margins. The proggy in my signature isn't accurate, as I started (as stated in the OP) with 6m and built my way from there. Currently using 30m and making approx. 90k - 150k/h depending on the market.
  21. Break handler and paint data have nothing to do with eachother. For the breaks it works like this. Break 1 is set at 15 minutes run time, breaks for 10 minutes. So after 15 minutes it'll break 10 minutes (is at 25 minutes) then 15 minutes later (at 40 minutes) it'll break 10 minutes (50 minutes) etc. Break 2 is set at 8 hours runtime, breaks 6 hours. Break 1 will keep breaking every 15 minutes, but when the script hits 8 hours runtime it'll break 6 hours regardless of break 1. After the 6 hour break (at 14 hours now) it'll continue to break every 15 minutes. Don't quote me 100% on this, but I believe this is how it works.
  22. Say you have 2 breaks, Break 1 is at 15 minutes runtime, breaks 5 minutes (leave out the randomness for the ease of the explanation) Break 2 is at 8 hours runtime, breaks 6 hours Put both of those on repeat will do a; Break at every 15 minutes, for 5 minutes, then when it hits the 8 hour mark it'll break 6 hours, when the 6 hour break is over it'll go back to breaking every 15 minutes. I have my break patterns set up so they'll break at approx Jagex work shifts (1 hour more or less doesn't matter as far as I've seen) and outside those hours it'll break only once every 1,5 hours.
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