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  1. Update August 5th! Goldfarm: • 1 Account still going strong, big shout out to Tau Grand Exchange for being probably the only script on Tribot that's capable of running 2 months 24/7 without getting banned! Other: • The 'big project' I was working on is almost finished. It's a 100% self written script to test my capabilities and to boost the farm. It will remain private, but as I progress getting the hang of Tribot's api and antiban features I might start releasing public scripts soon. Focus on the farm first though!
  2. Damn, this looks incredible! For sure one of the best scripters on this forum!
  3. I did not see dad coming... Oh my, that was just plane bad... I'll just stop.. OT: I'd be interested in advanced tutorials rather than basics. As I think the basics can easily be learned without TRiBot, and should be, whereas advanced scripting tutorials are hard to find and often not explained properly. The Q&A livestream would be a great idea as it provides users of all levels to ask questions rather than a specific group that learns from your tutorials.
  4. Update August 1st! Goldfarm: • 1 of my accounts got banned with approx. 30m in cash. No worries though, I profited from it far more than I lost. • Playing it more safe now by transferring GP over more often. Loss could've been minimized. Other: • I'm currently working on a big project! No details will be leaked as of yet but I expect it to be finished within a week!
  5. They've got a team for bot-busting, weath isn't the only one. I just got banned on an account that usually lasts over a month. Does your script have any antiban in it? As you're saying you're not using breaks and botting the same IP I'm surprised they even last 24 hours.
  6. Can confirm 2 months almost 24/7 (only restarting to change settings) without bans on 2 accounts.
  7. @justpixels @donders @TacoManStan I have another suggestion for V2, in the 'show details' UI, on top of the adjusted, average and expected profits, include a profit/h based on the total time an offer for that item has been in. For example, if my account flips 1 bandos godsword in 20 hours for 20k profit it'll say it made 1k/h, whereas if the flip took 30 minutes to complete it actually made 40k/h for that specific item. It'd make adjusting the list a ton easier and I think others would agree with me. Edit: The time should include aborted offers aswell.
  8. Will do that right now. I'll link this thread in the ticket
  9. I'm already a costumer at Socks5proxies. Though, while you're here, I was wondering if I can renew my current proxies instead of buying new ones?
  10. Introduction Hey there, thanks for clicking on my thread. After a month of trial and error I've found and settled myself into making a profit, and I'd like to share my achievements and accomplishments with you in this thread. I've tried botting before, and with more errors than accomplishments I got demotivated to continue, until about a month ago. I decided I'd invest just €5 into making a new gold farm. After a week of slow-profit, very safe botting I saw an increase and was at approximately €15. Interested and motivated I invested just €20 more to speed up the process. At the time of writing this I'm currently at 50M cash, 2 proxies, 2 accounts with fresh bonds, 20 TRiBot credits for when my VIP-E runs out and 2 script auths and a VPS for an entire month. Let's see how this goes! Current goldfarming status Cash in bank: 55M Accounts with proxies and bonds ready: 1 Average profit per day: €3 VIP-E: Up VPS: Up Current goldfarming goals Not yet started - Working on it - Achieved • Making €10+ per day • A big project...! Updates • August 1st • August 5th Usefull • Proxies have been purchased from Socks5Proxies.net and I'd greatly recommend them! • Currently using script: Tau Grand Exchange, has an amazingly low ban rate and for sure keeps the money coming!
  11. Do you have an ETA? Edit: I have received the intermediate farm in stead of the novice farm as promised. I'm satisfied with the compensation offered. Thanks
  12. Same here, I'm almost 40 hours further. Did get in contact with the livechat and he said he'll get an admin to look at it. Since work hours are over I'm guessing it'll be tomorrow. Feel like the 24 hours or almost immedietly within work hours they're advertising isn't true.
  13. Just let the script do it's work with 5m. I started with 6m aswell, because I didn't feel like investing in it, now sititing at 60m with 2 accounts and 2 auths.
  14. I have this happen sometimes too, reloading the tribot client usually solves the problem for me. It's supposed to open the GE within the script.
  15. @justpixels what should the average % profit be with a decent list? I've been trying to add and remove items for the past month, but I can't get above 0.5% profit with any combination (Expensive items, high-tier resource items, combinations of both, etc.) Is this due to the current market or am I just doing something wrong? Could my amount of items be causing this as well? I'm currently using around 20 items at any time. Also running full AI, is it worth looking into the features in the script or should AI be enough?
  16. @TacoManStan your script I believe
  17. @TacoManStan I'm really glad to see prioritizing items will be added in V2! I'm still struggling for some reason to make a decent profit /h over an extended period of time. My item list gets an easy 250k/h the first 2 hours, but after that it drops all the way to where (over a time span of 34 hours) it only made 80k/h. Also, do you happen to know why it refuses to flip some items? In the run of 34 hours I just mentioned it hasn't flipped a specific item on my list even once, even though it has a margin of 2,5% and is usually very quick to buy/sell (also one of the reasons I'd love prioritizing items). Other than that, I'd really like the script to sell items that crashed with a loss and move on. I hate seeing my inventory filled with 2M value items because they dropped 10k in price. If I think of anything else I'll be sure to let you know! Edit: Yes! Tought of something else. How difficult would it be to reload the GUI without having to restart the script? It's a hassle to wait 4 hours if you just wanna change one setting or item on the list.
  18. Script is on sale now for 1$, you could try it. Other than that, the thread says it supports Blast Furnace, but I have yet to see proggies of that.
  19. WC guild or wilderness? WC guild won't make that 600k-700k/h, whereas wilderness would probably not be released as free script.
  20. I just bought the script, and it's been running pretty well for an hour now. Though I've got one question, why does it sometimes not sell items in my inventory? Has like 30% of my cash in 1 item in my inventory, but it just keeps on buying more (different) items. Other than that it's working pretty neat, says it's making 220k/h so I'll see if I can get a good proggy!
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