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  1. Vouch, sold some osrs gp and wthe whole transaction didn't take more than 2 minutes!
  2. Shouldn't be too hard for a scripter to write. Maybe you could even try looking into restarting the script automaticly in stead of just a noticifation.
  3. > 1 post. > Member since today. > Promoting youtubers on a botting site. Hmm..?
  4. TRiBot uses reflection. Reflection CAN be just as undetectable as color, but it all depends on the scripter's abilities. Ie clicking NPCs or objects an actual player (or color bot) can't see, whereas reflection can pick it up and click it. I'm unfamiliar with injection, but from what I've heard it injects code straight into the client, which is easily picked up by Jagex.
  5. TRiBot is currently outdated, wait for an update. Not the script's problem.
  6. Just contact the seller?
  7. 1. Yes! Jagex tracks the IP the account is made on, or EVER logged in to. If your main IP is flagged for macroing or RWT your accounts won't last nearly as long. NEVER directly contact your bots to your main IP. 2. No. Get a seperate proxy for your mule. Set a maximum of RWT value to your mule and after that has been hit (say 250M) never log back in it again. Get a new proxy and a new mule. 3. Yes, they can ban any accounts that have been in contact with bots (obviously not any account, but you get what I mean) or RWT. 4. 1. If Jagex detects any bot they'll check every account running on that IP and (probably) ban the others too. That means if you're running 2 bots on 1 proxy your chances of being caught increase by 100%. 5. This is something you'll have to test for yourself. Everyone has a different approach to goldfarming. Don't be afraid of losing a few dollars when you start off. 6. Same as above, it's personal preference. Just make sure the place you're buying from has quality proxies. Also, a tip I can give you; get a private script. Their banrate is WAY smaller than public/premium scripts, as Jagex' botwatch (probably) works by finding repetitive tasks. More users = more data to analyze = better botwatch. E; 100th post
  8. Couple hours, hooks get auto-updated as far as I know.
  9. Best solution; don't bot on your accounts within 48 hours. Really though, new accounts are flagged. Let your accounts age a little before botting on it.
  10. Would this suffice as enough? I've made this post over 5 days ago. @Montreal Bump?
  11. This script hasn't been updated since 7 Feb 2015 and the bug reports have been flowing in since 15 Mar 2015. We're over 2 months further now and nothing has been done about it. I've followed the thread and @wussupwussup the past week and seen him active every day, meaning he's ignoring it. What is your reasoning behind not closing the script's sales? This is basicly scamming as we're not getting what is being promoted in the main post. Again, as I said, the reports have been coming trough since 2 months ago, so why would I still need to contact the scripter? It's obvious he's ignoring the hell out of everyone. If you think I still have to contact him, please let me know. I'll do so and re-open the dispute in 5 days. Thank you. E; also the fact that he's not even fixing something as simple as a wait while the player is animating (for powermining) only more proves that this script should be taken off premium.
  12. Script's thread Price: $3,99 Auths: 1 Purchased on: 12 May 2015 Proof 1 Proof 2 Proof 3 Problem 1 Problem 2 And a lot more.. I request the script's sales to be closed until the problems are solved and possibly a refund. Even though it's only $4, he deserves none of it. @wussupwussup
  13. Out of the 3 motherload miners out there, I bought the worst. Obviously my luck. Really needs an update or be taken down from premium...
  14. Day 372: Still haven't found the answer to why he asked if $4 was enough, yet offered to pay more..
  15. I'm looking for a private script, will pay whatever much it takes. Will discuss all details on Skype
  16. Same with the Maple trees at Seers Village. Started it at the trees, status was "Finding tree" but it never found it. Started it in the bank, status was "Doing nothing" until I stopped the script.
  17. This reelly helped! Phanks! My bens got cut in helf, I lost only 27 accs today. Relly gud goide. Tanks.
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