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  1. What package VPS are purchasing? - Burn 4 (Probably 2 times) Which Bot do you want me to install on your vps? - If possible, I'd like to download and install the bot myself Have you added me on skype? -Yes, angelol.x3
  2. Apart from all the 'flaws' it has, this script is working good enough for it to be reported. Don't bother. I've tried running the script on an account with 43HP and somewhat decent armour and it's running pretty smooth. Though, you should totally change your XP/H and GP/H as this script gets nowhere near those rates. This is with breaks, without it's getting 160k-170k xp/h and 65k/gp ish at 90+ thieving. E; basicly the same proggy, but longer. I'll try to get you a 10 hour proggy today. E2;
  3. I've tried to, but apparently I'm also 'just complaining'. There'd be an easy fix that'll solve all the problems in your script, but you've been ignoring that for a long time. Just make deathwalk/ring of life support. Not only because it's dying to your script, but also because the possibility of a disconnection can cause it to die. Making a deathwalk/ring of life support shouldn't take you longer than 20 minutes to script and it'd make the script near flawless. But whatever, I'm just a leecher that's 'complaining'. Also, you can't tell someone to 'monitor' his account for 6 hours while it's blackjacking. That's like telling people to pay attention to documentaries on BBC. Anyhow, all information I can give atm is that I've 'seen' it die mutliple times 1 square before the curtain (outside). And I've seen it get attacked by the thug and not run away like 2 or 3 ish times causing me to die. Not sure wether this happens while luring in, or luring out, or anything more than that. I hope this helped, probably didn't, but whatevs. E; consider adding a deathwalk/ring of life support, maybe?
  4. Now that you say it, I suppose you're right. But yea, I'm kinda awaiting a response.. The fact that he can say "hey" means he can also reply why it's taking so long. That doesn't take more than a minute. And as I said, time isn't the problem, the lack of communication is :/ I've given him 10 days now. His ETA was 1 day. I suppose that's enough time to open the dispute, isn't it?
  5. Pro tip to everyone posting in forums; watch out for the warning points! But yeah, Tri's a mod, he's got good reputation and he's an amazing scripter. That's why I don't think he'd "scam" without any reason to do so. Therefore this 'dispute'. E; @kankerbot nice name
  6. "Scammer's" Username: @Tri Link to "Scammer's" TriBot Profile: @Tri Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype Chat Username(If Applicable)*: His Skype = tri.tribot Describe in detail in your words what happened: A while ago I asked Tri to write me a private script which, due to the complexity of the script, took a bit longer than expected. That's all well and good, but once he 'finished' the script and I tested it for a while I found a lot of bugs (again, understandable due to the complexity of the script). So I paid him half of what we promised (75$/150$) and promised him I'd pay the other half once he fixed the bugs. Now I send a list containing all the bugs at March 5th. It is now March 15th and there still hasn't been an update to the script since March 3rd. Now the problem isn't the time it's taking him to fix the bugs, it's his lack of response that bothers me. He barely replies to me when I speak to him. I'll provide evidence in the screenshots below. Evidence**: Images of Skype conversation below. Other: I do not think Tri has "scammed" me on purpose. He wouldn't write 3000 lines and then not fix some easy-to-fix bugs without a reason. So rather than trying to get a refund, or warning marks for Tri, I'd just like to have a chat with him. But he doesn't reply to me, nor @TiempoSales on Skype, so I supposed this would be my last resort. Please let me know if I missed anything in the screenshots and/or my dispute. Tri's Skype; http://i.imgur.com/k6eYhid.png The chat; http://i.imgur.com/u1uATKu.png http://i.imgur.com/aCrCz1n.png http://i.imgur.com/7FgbBK8.png http://i.imgur.com/oldKzFe.png http://i.imgur.com/FwNqbiF.png Again: I'm not looking for a refund or warning to Tri. He's spend much time into this private script and it was really worth the price without the bugs. Therefore, I'd just like him to fix the script, unless he's not able to for whatever reason. E; the Skype pictures weren't in correct order.
  7. In my experiences free worlds have a way higher banrate than members. Not sure if it's been confirmed, but those are my personal experiences. Also, don't bot on a fresh account. Let it age a few days (3 or 4 will do the trick). That'll decrease banrate by a lot.
  8. 5 days 24/7 on yews? Mine got banned after 2 hours on yews. You've been extremely lucky on that one, lol. E; suggestion to not get banned again? Bot something else. Also, there's a great bunch of guides on the forums to 'safe botting'.
  9. I actually meant to ask if the trade limit only applies to f2p accounts. That's what I've heard. If the trade limit really applies to p2p accounts to I'm totally using it, and thanking you for your effort in advance. E; Any accounts that have not played for 24 hours ingame cannot trade (give away) any items to other players Does this mean I can still supply my accounts for the first 24 hours of running, just not trade anything back?
  10. I currently have no accounts other than goldfarming accounts banned (smart botting ^^) but if I ever happen to get banned on an account I'll make sure to contact you. This seems like it's legit, and if so, best of luck for vouches/sales Ps; maybe make an example of one? Just blur out some lines and you're good to go
  11. 1. I honestly don't know, I've never heard of heat problems on an AMD processor, and with the amount of coolers in it I doubt it'll be a problem. The reason I did not go for an Intel is because they're just overpriced imo. 2. Any ideas? 3. Ah, didn't even think about that really, might try that. Now, I'm still wondering how many accounts (roughly) I could run on this build. And if it's needed to upgrade my RAM or coolers or anything. Thanks
  12. Herro, I've just started up botting a little while ago and I was wondering how many bots (1 per client) I could run with the following build; • Intel Pentium G3420 (https://cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Pentium+G3420+%40+3.20GHz&id=2028) • 4GB RAM • 64 bit I've been running 4 bots now with only 40% CPU usage and 45% RAM usage (with 30% of my RAM being used up by background stuff). Does that mean I could run 9 clients flawless? Another thing I was wondering, do I need a graphic card to bot OSRS on? Now for the 2nd part of the post, I've made a PC build which I'm working on buying, but before I do that I'd like someone to provide me with some information on things that I should up or downgrade, and how many accounts I could run with these specs. The build; http://oi61.tinypic.com/k1q3yq.jpg Thanks a bunch in advance
  13. This is looking great, and would be an amazing addition to f2p suiciding. You should totally upload this to the repo, I'm sure people will use this
  14. Made me a really awesome script, for a very reasonable price. The service was great, the script looks amazing and Tri is just very nice in general. Would choose him over anyone, anytime. Thanks again 10/10
  15. Requested a script yesterday, waiting for Tri to finish it up Also, good luck on sales.
  16. I've had several talks with people about this, and came to conclusion it'd be anywhere between 200$ and 500$.
  17. Bought 2 bonds, went very fast. Thanks!
  18. It's a luring problem, I don't know how it happens exactly, but I know it happens when luring (most of the time). 1 square before the curtain it dies. Also, why not make a deathwalk? It's easy to make and it'd fix a whole lot of stuff. Happening to me too, then tried this script on my laptop and it stopped. Tought it was just my computer..
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