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  1. Buying 2 bonds Bought
  2. I see how it works there. Thanks for clarifying that out for me. Found out I wasn't using the right java version, pickpockets waaaay faster now and almost always gets the double-hit Edit; My account just died again.. That makes 4 times. I ran back as soon as I found out and found the stack laying 1 square south of the curtains, full inventory of food too. Therefore I think this is a luring bug. Please make it check health while luring... Edit2; My accounts just died a total of 7 times. It can't even train 1 level before dying. What am I doing wrong..? And you know.. I wouldn't even care if it had deathwalk and would pick up items, but this just doesn't work for me. Also, script starts lagging ALOT after about 20 minutes (can't 2 hit anymore, at all... Any way I can resolve this?
  3. Hp level is around 40ish. Tried multiple worlds too. I am actually using paint delay, is that a problem? Edit; set delay to 0, still pickpocketing after failing a knock-out. Edit2; Hopped to the lowest ping world I could find (8ms) and still tries to pickpocket after a failed knock-out. Besides, on both the lowest ping world with 0 delay and no other things running on my pc (5% CPU usage) shouldn't my account be able to 99% double-thieve it? As it doesn't atm.
  4. Why does it log out and stop? Make a death walk please. Coins and food stay on ground for 10 minutes after death as far as I'm aware, so it can easily walk back and pick it up. Just make it grab 250 ish coins from the bank. Died twice (in 20 mins) and it's a pain to get back everytime really. Also, pickpocketing the lowest level bandits, it sometimes doesn't knock them out but still proceeds to pickpocket them (resulting in an extra 5 damage + stun). This slows down my xp rates alot. Just make it double check if it's really knocked-out before attempting pickpocket, please. E; the bandit sometimes starts attacking me after failing a knock-out, after which it runs upstairs and down again. But I believe you can just attempt to knock-out again when that happens (I'm not sure about that, but it might be worth looking in to)
  5. Link to script's thread: Here Price you paid for script: 8$ or 8 Credits How many auths you bought: 1 Date purchased: January 25th, 2015 Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: @RuniteRocks "Last Active Jan 15 2015 04:44 AM" "Last Updated: Fri, 21 Nov 2014, 10:13PM GMT" Link to forum post Picture of PM Details of what exactly is wrong with the script, please supply any debugs or evidence you may have as well: As described in my forum post, the script is extremely laggy and takes my CPU up to 60-80%. With 1 auth comes 3 instances, yet it's impossible to run this script on 2 accounts, let alone 3. Tried PM'ing him and dropped a forum post, but neither resulted in a response. Also, it says he hasn't updated the script since November 21st, and I'm seeing more and more ban and bug reports on the script's thread. I really hope I have provided enough information. If you would like screenshots of my CPU I'll grab an account and make them real quick.
  6. I also bought proxies from @sanderty. They stopped working about 3 days ago, and he hasn't replied on Skype since then. Should I expect any refund at all or should I just move on? Don't even want other proxies from him anymore, really.
  7. And how much exactly did you chargeback from other people?
  8. I was about to post that. Thank you kindly, sir.
  9. Did you follow the guide linked above? Yes. What is the CPU usage before you start a script? 3-6% What is the CPU usage after you start a script? 50-80% What script are you using? Relekka rock crabs PRO & Master AIO thiever. What version of TRiBot are you using? TRiBot 3.008 What version of Java is TRiBot using? jdk 1.8.0_25 What operating system are you using? Windows 8 Do you experience high CPU usage with other scripts? Relekka rock crabs PRO and Master AIO thiever. What is the "Max Heap Size" set to as defined in the TRiBot Login? 256MB What is your Client Paint Delay? 75 Are you running lite mode? Yes Do you minimize TRiBot while botting? Yes Additional information; I did not have this problem yesterday. I could run at least 5 accounts flawless. But then I logged in today and it started screwing me over. Scanned my PC, few 'possible threats' removed, did some tune-up stuff and everything, but nothing worked. Therefore, my only explanation is the problem is on TRiBot's side, or I just blew my CPU up. I'd love anyone that could help me, forever. Edit; Nevermind this. I'm not lagging with wQuester nor Master Thiever AIO. It's just Relekka rock crabs. Still trying to find a fix for this, so if anyone could help me with that, I'll still love you forever.
  10. Running 4 bots on a quad core 3.2Ghz processor. 99.9% cpu usage. Only have tribot open and minimalized with 75 fps delay. Something smells like this should not be happening..
  11. Talking now, buying 5 bonds
  12. Did you make the accounts on your real IP? Did you ever log your bots in on your real IP? Did you ever bot/RWT on your main? If the answer to all 3 questions is no, your main is in 0 danger.
  13. How do you guys even get 100+ hour proggies. My accounts got banned after 2½ hours at yews, using breaks and ~lv 20 acounts. lol. Edit; still doesn't pick up nests. Just saying.
  14. Buying 1 bond, talking on skype Went fast, thanks a bunch. Will totally buy more from him if I ever need more
  15. My personal experience, short term botting always got me banned too often. Anytime I ran my bots more than 12 hours a day I got banned. If you find a profitable enough money making method and don't mind all the hassle of bonds, tutorial island etc. that might just suit you fine, but for me, I prefer longterm. Using enough breaks, being on the safe side, I've had multiple accounts that only got banned after 2-3 months. Far more profitable imho.
  16. Been scammed by someone with 600+ feedback from there for 10m. Wouldn't be surprised if you'd be the next, lol.
  17. That went so damn fast. Answered all my questions (and I had a damn lot) and set everything up in less than 30 minutes! Thanks a bunch, money well spend
  18. Order Form: How many Tor ports (one is free): 5 Bridge Relay: (Y/N/Maybe): Maybe Have you added me on Skype: Yes Do you agree with my T.O.S.: Yes Loan Form: Do you agree with the Loan T.O.S.: Yes How much money will you pay me back: 3.5M for the installation + 4M Tor ports. How about 9M? Edit; I still have a few questions, but I hope that's no problem
  19. Made 4 accs, all botted trough tutorial island, gave them equipment, botted 10 minutes then went to bed. All banned. Made 4 accs, all botted trough tutorial island, gave them equipment, botted 10 minutes then went to bed. All banned. Made 4 accs, all botted trough tutorial island, gave them equipment, botted 10 minutes then went to bed. All banned.
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