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  1. Hi both, This should be fixed in the latest update It was caused if the account equip preference was decided as the Equipment Screen, which I stupidly hadn't finished implementing.
  2. Please see the above message To reiterate: I've been made aware of an update causing the script to fail to function. I will be pushing an update / fix for this today to resolve this issue, please be patient while I do so Thanks, Jamie
  3. I'd expect so. Bans are part of botting and I'd always suggest to avoid botting on an account you're afraid to lose. That being said, it's been out just over two weeks now and has already made over 5B in profit for users so it seems to be running well. Some bug fixes / updates will be out late today / tomorrow, and you can always purchase the 1 day instance to give it a test I've been made aware of an update causing the script to fail to function. I will be pushing an update / fix for this today to resolve this issue, please be patient while I do so Thanks, Jamie
  4. Jamie

    Gem Crafter

    Cool release. If you didn't know already, ItemDefinition contains a members check that could be useful for you, especially when paired with the SDK's new membership methods!
  5. It's a no from me. A yes would be unfair on previous applications who have received the same vote for the same reasons. When releasing simple scripts, there shouldn't really be basic errors / design flaws. A few examples: https://github.com/Whipz/OpenSource/blob/main/cooking/WhipzCookerEvent.java#L42 getDefinition().getName() canNPE if the getDefinition call fails / returns null. https://github.com/Whipz/OpenSource/blob/main/cooking/WhipzCookerEvent.java#L46 You're not utilising the return value of boolean methods. You don't want the script to wait until the bank is op
  6. Yeah it's the first time I've seen it. It's been reported to the admins anyway For now, you can be sure to purchase the right script by using this link: https://tribot.org/products/jmta?_ga=2.206929875.1196165835.1631124216-824647356.1515187613
  7. That's odd. It must be an issue with the translation. Seems to be fine for me: I'll report it to the admins, thanks for letting me know.
  8. I don't believe it's an issue on my end as you're the only one the script is failing to load for. If you open up a ticket in the Tribot Discord an admin can confirm this.
  9. If it's stuck in a certain position you'll need to PM me a screenshot with where the account is stuck and what the paint & client debug is. Without it, I won't be able to sort a fix until it occurs to myself or another user reports it.
  10. I’m not sure on this one. It looks like the scripts failed to load from the repository correctly as it’s failing to find the class. Can you create a ticket in the tribot discord so an admin can confirm this? Following up from this, I've just tested to confirm and the script is definitely working with breaks.
  11. As of 11/09/2021 JBotStarter (All editions) has been discontinued. The script was beginning to fall into disrepair and wasn't of the quality that a Tribot premium script should be. This will also allow me time to focus on new ventures. All remaining auths will be honoured. If you enjoyed the script, don't fear as a similar project is in the works that will far surpass anything these editions have ever offered! You can follow progress of the new development here: Thanks, Jamie
  12. Botting.io - Development Botting.io is planned to be a fully automated, fully functional account builder, created by @Jamie and @WillB. Following on from the plans from JBotStarter, Botting.io will be a much more functional / user friendly account builder combining multiple premium scripts into one "master", user customisable account builder. This will allow users / customers to create bot ready accounts at the click of a button without previous limitations. This thread will serve as the update log and allow for user suggestions / beta testing pending free & premium releases. Th
  13. Yes the script works with breaks. Breaking is handled by Tribot itself, the script doesn't control them.
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