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  1. Yep If you've not recieved it open up a ticket in the Tribot Discord as it should be applied automatically.
  2. Yes but likely in a re-write when it'd be integrate-able with other money making scripts. No to farming contracts for the foreseeable sadly but maybe one day.
  3. Please follow Ark's previous request and PM him the full debugs (both client and bot). Posting the same thing twice won't change the outcome
  4. @Ark Could you assist please? @Osomonti Is there any more information you can provide? If you could do Tools -> Generate Bug Report when the script failsafe activates and PM Ark the created zip file he should be able to help you.
  5. These are some great suggestions but unfortunately won't be implemented for a while due to the nature / complexity of account specific requests. It's definitely something I'll look into adding in the future though If the script isn't fit for your needs and you haven't used it for a significant period, you're welcome to a refund
  6. Correct. There was discussion when his rank was removed whether to keep the script active or remove it. Obviously there are complaints from both sides with the latter generally being more noticeable as content users do not post on an inactive forum post. There is a general no questions asked refund policy in place for scripts that remain on the repository with no active scripter so there shouldn't be any complaints. If you've got any further questions feel free to message me privately, I'd prefer not to continually have this discussion on a script thread.
  7. Optimus is no longer a Tribot scripter. The script is kept on the repository at the request of multiple users who complained when it was to be removed. If you're experiencing issues with the script, you can request a refund via the Tribot discord as per the refund policy which applies to all scripts. Any further discussions on this thread unrelated to this script will result in disciplinary action. Thanks
  8. It should use them if they’re equipped It won’t withdraw them by default although I agree it probably should, I’ll look into it.
  9. Try deleting your recent cookies / browsing cache and load a new page, payment is handled by shopify so it's likely an issue their end.
  10. Paypal has been removed and won't be coming back due to unforeseen circumstances.
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