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  1. Do you have the debug of when the script ends? I'll be pushing a fix for the host finding issue today.
  2. I believe this issue will be due to the Tribot Worldhopper being broken. Admins are aware of the issue and working on a fix which will be released in the next client release.
  3. Jamie

    refund req

    Dispute complete.
  4. Jamie

    refund req

    This dispute does not meet the criteria of a script dispute as you have not contacted me as is required for Section 5. Please ensure you follow formats / procedures correctly in the future or warning points will be given. Your refund request will be processed through the ticket you have created by an administrator.
  5. This has been reported to me by a few users. I'm currently unsure of the cause as I've made no updates to the walking methods at all. I'll see if I can find the cause and post an update. Update 28/05/2021: - Fixed issue with walker returning No Valid Path. - Fixed issue with the script failing to update it's mining location properly. - Stopped the script bringing pickaxes that had level requirements greater than the stop level limit. - Attempted fix at the script failing to continue after buying coal bag. (Untested)
  6. Thanks for the report - I will take a look and get a fix out shortly. Could you confirm which location it was in?
  7. Update 23/05/2021: Updates: - Added Task Weighting / Randomisation. You can now enable task weighting and set a weight for each task. The higher the weight, the higher the chance of the task being selected next. This can be enabled in the Anti Profiling section of advanced preferences. If this isn't enabled, the tasks will run in the order they are added. - Added Total Level Limit. You can now set a total level limit for the script. When the limit is reached, all skill related tasks will be removed from the current task list. This can be enabled in the Anti Profiling section of
  8. Don't suppose you happened to get any debug / screenshot of where it was stuck? If you do, can you send it to me so I can take a look? If not, if it happens again please get the above information so I can pinpoint the issue.
  9. Jamie

    BEG Poh Planks

    This free script is now discontinued as it is a premium product. The premium version can be found here:
  10. We no longer operate on a credit based system, you just purchase the scripts you want via the repository found here: https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts
  11. Update 01/05/2021: - Fixed an issue with certain items returning null. - Added some debug if the script is started while logged out without an account selected to prevent confusion.
  12. A fix will be put out for this today. The recent game update has broken the walker. Apologies for the delay in getting this fixed. Update 29/04/2021: - Updated the GE Handler to utilise Runelite's new pricing, thanks to Beg and Nullable, which allows for more accurate pricing and should prevent the script buying items for weird prices. - Updated the Walker to the newest version. - Updated X Marks the Spot's dialogue. Hopefully some additions / plenty more fixes coming soon.
  13. No for now. I’d like to see at least a months worth of maintenance for your free scripts, not < 2 hours from submission to application. As for your actual code quality, it definitely meets the standard.
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