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  1. This script will be released in the coming days and is in the final phase of local testing. If there's a spell that's been missed and you'd like to see prior to the free beta release, let me know! An all in one magic script capable of casting almost every spell in the game. Features: Normal Spells [Alchemy, Bolt Enchanting, Enchanting, Splashing, Superheating, Stun Alchemy, Teleporting, Tele Alchemy] Lunar Spells [Bake Pie, Flax Spin, Superglass Make, String Jewellery, Plank Make] Advanced Antiban An advanced antiban sy
  2. This script isn't currently available for purchase; it should be released in Mid Feb. Sorry for the disappointment.
  3. Congrats on the Beta! Best of luck with the script, it's nice to see some more bossing scripts being developed.
  4. As others have said, please open up a ticket in the Tribot discord or wait an admin to review this so your refund can be processed. Unfortunately Shopify doesn't hide private scripts, it just stops the listing but will still recommend them occasionally. As for the other comments on this dispute, please don't post on disputes unless you have something that adds to it or are an involved party.
  5. Refunds are only available if the script writer is either unresponsive or unable to fix the bugs in the required time (which I believe is 5 days, as per the dispute policy). I'd suggest commenting on the threads of each script with a proper bug report. If there's no response within that time frame, then feel free to reach out again, but you must contact the scripter(s) prior to opening a dispute for a refund.
  6. The script is temporarily discontinued for public use (unless you have a current auth, in which case you'll still have access). There's still no ironman support and won't be until the script is publicly available again.
  7. I like the idea of this, although my concern is that bug reports from users are already limited at times to a relatively irrelevant screenshot, this would only cause further difficulty in debugging as there'd be nothing at all to gather information from.
  8. Yes from me. Good to see you weren't too disheartened from the previous application. There's still some stuff for you to work on, but we all have things to improve and I don't doubt you'll improve over time just as we all have / do.
  9. This script should work with Looking Glass, could you still send me the debugs on Discord so I can take a look and confirm if it is indeed an LG issue?
  10. I'm hoping to release an update soon (ish) that'll allow you to select a custom staff for each room via an advanced preference, which should resolve the lack of ironman support. :)
  11. Ah, that explains it. My bad Should be fixed in next release.
  12. Can you confirm this is definitely a Tribot issue? I've taken a quick look and the SDK already contains a check for that interface + the Click here to continue text, so it seems like a separate issue.
  13. I don't see this as a bug. If you want it to check for Equipment, it would be an EquipmentItem not an InvItem no?
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