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  1. I'll be taking a good look at this script soon, giving it a proper re-write and adding multiple features. It's definitely not up to the standard it should be, mainly because I haven't touched it in months and Jagex does like to mess with scripts like these and for that I apologise. If there's any features you'd like to see, please give me a PM / message on Discord and I'll be sure to get them on the to do list. You can also message me if you've purchased an auth within the last two months to receive a month auth for free on release of this update. Planned updates include: - Fully re
  2. Jamie


    I can't promise this is the correct answer, but I'm going to say no. The client is functional, bar a few bugs that're being resolved. The fact you'll no longer be using it isn't a justified reason for a refund. I'd suggest opening a dispute in the correct section so that your request can be properly reviewed by an Admin.
  3. Hi @gigiwest123, Your refund will be processed shortly. In the meantime, can you confirm if you’re happy or not with @Dentist’s script as I’ve been informed you’re still using it. As to quality control, all premium scripters go through an extensive code check when applying to ensure the code quality is up to standard. It’s unfortunate you’re not happy with the quality of the script you’ve received and that is why you’ll be receiving the refund(s). If you have any further concerns, please direct them via PM to either myself or Fluffee as this dispute, pending your refund, is now
  4. Jamie


    @auth1 @Dentist Can you confirm if this has been refunded?
  5. @dabswax I'm closing this as this dispute has now been opened for over 5 months with no reply. Please open another dispute if you have another issue / want this to be resolved.
  6. Hi Gigi, Apologies that you're not happy with the script. It's not denialism, they're unrelated issues. The pot issue is caused by the amount of items showing up when you type "Pot" in the GE. I've been unable to recreate this locally, but will be transferring the GE framework to utilise ItemDefinitions at some point and adding in a few more failsafes that will hopefully correct this. The lobster cage issue was seperate to this and was caused by Jagex renaming the item, and then changing it back an update later. This would also be fixed via utilising ItemDefinitions / Item IDs as th
  7. Update 11/12/2020: - Fixed the script not detecting a host had logged out. - When banking for items from inside a house using Phials, the script will now utilise POH teleports rather than running to a bank.
  8. Nope. Haven't said that to anyone. It should be deleting the text if it doesn't match what it's after though. Are there any recreatable steps? I.e. Paint delay, Looking glass?
  9. Jamie


    I'm sorry to hear that you got banned using Tribot. Unfortunately, as per the exclusions noted in the refund policy, bans are NOT a valid reason for a refund. If you're having an issue with the client itself, please do open up a ticket in the Discord or the Help desk explaining your issues and I'm sure a developer will endeavour to resolve them. If there's anything else I can help you with, just let me know!
  10. I'm sorry the script isn't working out for you. I'll try recreate some of these issues you've mentioned and see if they can be resolved, but recreating lag isn't easy. I expect it's partly due to your setup, so if you're not willing to add me to discuss, I can't guarantee a fix. As for it not being premium quality, here's some recent progress reports that shows the script is in fact working fine for the majority.
  11. Closed as the script is no longer being maintained.
  12. I’ve been made aware of the recent RS update adding new starting dialogue which breaks the script. I’ll be pushing a fix tonight when I return from work.
  13. It grabs prices from OSBuddy and if that fails, it'll grab them from the GE. It's possible, albeit very unlikely, that they both failed giving it the wrong price. If it continues to be problematic in an hour or so let me know and I'll take a further look and try add some more failsafes. Also pushed an update that should fix an issue with the death halloween event being mistaken for an actual death, and reverts the lobster pot / cage rename update.
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