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  1. I believe it's you I've responded to on my Discord. Could you get back to me whenever is convenient so I can take a look? If not, I'm happy for a refund to be processed for you pending an admins decision. Thanks, Jamie.
  2. Jamie


    Dispute complete.
  3. Jamie


    Hi @Liptonmod, Your refund request does not meet that of Tribot's refund policy and is therefore denied. You'll still have access to Naton's scripts for the remainder of your auth duration. Please see our refund policy here: https://tribot.org/policies/refund-policy and note the exclusions for future reference. Apologies that this is not the outcome you were likely looking for. Thanks, Jamie.
  4. As far as I'm aware I've replied to every message left in my Discord. You'll need to open up a ticket on the help desk to receive a refund as we can't process them ourselves. Yes it will.
  5. Nice release. Any plans to bring back your AIO miner?
  6. Everything I'd critique has been mentioned above. Abstracting your code is a big one as it'll help clean up your current scripts massively, especially your clue hunter script. For example, you could have an abstract class like so: public abstract class ClueItem { public abstract boolean hasItem(); public abstract RSTile getItemTile(); public abstract String getItemName(); } public class Cloak extends ClueItem { private final RSTile CLOAK_TILE = new RSTile(0,0,0); public boolean hasItem() { return Inventory.contains(getItemName()); } public RSTile getItemTile() { re
  7. Can you join my support chat so I can look at what issues you’re experiencing? The link is in my signature.
  8. Hi @elcapitan999, Your ticket will have automatically timed out if no response was given from either party after a few days. From memory, you were requested to post your order number and email so that a refund could be issued. If you could open up a new ticket with the required information (order number and email), I'm sure a refund will be processed for you. You can also post a ticket on our official help desk here: https://help.tribot.org/support/home?_ga=2.193042606.2059059335.1616453143-824647356.1515187613 Apologies you're not happy with the experience you've received. Than
  9. Apologies, I don't reply to personal PMs / accept friend requests on Discord. You can join my support channel here: https://discord.com/invite/M9NKH3Y
  10. Do you have the debugs for either? Do you know what the dialogue was that it was stuck on? They may have added new dialogue. I'll aim to take a look today, but any additional information you have will help.
  11. Update 09/02/2021: - Fixed bugs related to GE Antiban. - Fixed Experience Lamp rewards and added an advanced preference option for the X Marks the Spot reward lamp. - Updated Romeo and Juliet Quest to the new version.
  12. I'll be taking a good look at this script soon, giving it a proper re-write and adding multiple features. It's definitely not up to the standard it should be, mainly because I haven't touched it in months and Jagex does like to mess with scripts like these and for that I apologise. If there's any features you'd like to see, please give me a PM / message on Discord and I'll be sure to get them on the to do list. You can also message me if you've purchased an auth within the last two months to receive a month auth for free on release of this update. Planned updates include: - Fully re
  13. Jamie


    I can't promise this is the correct answer, but I'm going to say no. The client is functional, bar a few bugs that're being resolved. The fact you'll no longer be using it isn't a justified reason for a refund. I'd suggest opening a dispute in the correct section so that your request can be properly reviewed by an Admin.
  14. Hi @gigiwest123, Your refund will be processed shortly. In the meantime, can you confirm if you’re happy or not with @Dentist’s script as I’ve been informed you’re still using it. As to quality control, all premium scripters go through an extensive code check when applying to ensure the code quality is up to standard. It’s unfortunate you’re not happy with the quality of the script you’ve received and that is why you’ll be receiving the refund(s). If you have any further concerns, please direct them via PM to either myself or Fluffee as this dispute, pending your refund, is now
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