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  1. Can you show me the quest log? I believe this is due to the script not correctly finishing the dialogue with the guildmaster. Annoyingly every recreation attempt I've done so far it seems to work fine.
  2. Someone else has oddly reported that. For now, I'd suggest buying the lobster pot yourself. Looking at the wiki it seems to have been renamed to Lobster cage though, so that may be the cause? Edit: After further investigation, that definitely seems to be the issue. I'll get a fix out shortly. Second Edit: @Stradas It should now be fixed. Please give the repository ~15 minutes to update. I'll also look at adding in preventative measures to end the script if it fails to find an item due to another update like this.
  3. You need to register a new account on the repository to access it as it is now a separate entity to the forums. Credits are also no longer a thing as there's now a lot more purchase options (Crypto included!) so there's no real need for them. If you have old credits you can change them to a discount code by going to repo.tribot.org and clicking the green button: Hope this helps.
  4. Cool release Just to note that you should ideally null check your Varbits as they can return null on the odd occasion.
  5. Just to note that Tribot only allows private scripts to be sold by Premium Scripters.
  6. I believe the issue(s) you've mentioned are caused by LG. I'm awaiting Tribot 12 to look at a fix as LG is mostly unsupported currently.
  7. Hi Steffan, The lite version only supports 3 quests. I've forgotten to update the main thread since amending the quests a while back, which is my bad. If you no longer want the script, quote this message to Fluffee and tell him you'd like a refund so it can be processed. As for logging out, the script buys all items from the GE, it doesn't gather them. Hope this helps, Jamie
  8. Hi, Please follow the script request format when requesting a script in the future. The format can be found here for reference: Thanks!
  9. Hi ImSys, Can you please provide a debug and a screenshot when reporting issues? On the code front, it all looks fine so this will help me delve a little deeper. If you need a hand getting a debug, give me a PM.
  10. As Beg's mentioned, you'll need VIP to run local scripts. If you're interested, you can purchase a package here: https://tribot.org/collections/plans
  11. If the account was fresh and loaded onto a "fresh" proxy, it's likely the account was flagged straight out of tutorial. Feel free to join my discord via my signature and I'll try assist.
  12. Can you private message me the debug? DaxWalker isn't used at the wilderness altar due to the path it chooses killing level 3's, so it'll be a different issue that I'll need to debug.
  13. Due to the size, complexity and customisation offered with this script, different setups are prone to different bugs. Like you've mentioned, without reports, I can't fix them as I may be running a completely different setup to the user which would result in a clean run. Here's a recent progress report posted by a user yesterday:
  14. It'll be in Ultimate and GDK editions only. I've had no issues with that quest reported. If it's not loading, you don't have the requirements.
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