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  1. I'll try recreate this today. I'll post here / give you a message when a fix is added.
  2. It should click on the minimap / a nearby tile which normally moves it off the glitched tile. Was it not doing it or was it clicking but not working?
  3. If you let me know what patches / teleports you want added, I can look into adding them? I know there's definitely one or two that will have been missed from testing If you'd rather not, you'll need to open up a request on Discord as scripters don't handle refunds.
  4. When it’s stuck can you do Tools -> Generate Bug Report and message it to me? It’s likely to be an issue with the walker that will need reporting.
  5. When it's stuck, do Tools -> Generate Bug Report and send this to Ark, he'll be able to tell you.
  6. Your first post has only just been approved, for whatever reason I had to approve it. Could you get some relevant information when it fails to dig (The tile being the main thing, a screenshot would suffice) and send it to Ark via a forum PM? He'll be happy to help.
  7. Update 27/05/2022: - Added Ardougne course! Thank you @Cass2186 for the account loan. - Amended some hovering preferences on certain obstacles.
  8. Is this recent? A bug fix was submitted yesterday that should have resolved early triggering for IMs etc, or is this a seperate issue? Next time it occurs, could you please do Tools -> Generate Bug Report and either send it to me via my discord server (found in my Signature), via forum PM or via the Send to Scripter button available while the script is running. It's a little tricky to recreate this without some additional information
  9. Update 23/05/2022: - Fix for failing to detect rune requirements for Spell Requests correctly.
  10. There appears to be an issue with restocking triggering early, can you send me the full debug in PM when it does this? This input alone isn't enough for me to pinpoint the issue unfortunately As above, could you send me the full debug please?
  11. That’s disappointing to hear. When it’s stuck could you please file a bug report via Tools -> Generate Bug Report -> Send to Scripter? Hopefully it will help me recreate the problem.
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