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  1. If its praying magic, you wouldn't need mage defence, you'd want the best setup for melee attack stats Just out of curiosity, when do you think the stop on certain task will be implemented
  2. I guess so, people are stupid hey haha. How about a special tab that just said Needy Olstan just for me .
  3. Yes Amulet 4, couldn't you add it in the same way did ardy cloak, and if kalphite slayer task it defaults to that teleport if box selected? When i came back the bot was paused, so wondering if i somehow paused it
  4. What about for the kalphite task it sees if the elite reward item is in bank and uses that instead? I died at kalphites because it was on Antiban wait before next action, and its just stood at lumby with that message
  5. Would it be possible for an auto check to see whether desert diaries completed for the elite teleport to kalphite slayer cave
  6. When it removes the cannon, it always right clicks and removes 1 of each item I have never known a person right click and remove 1 of an item they only have 1 of, anyway to change?
  7. There are certain tasks i like to do manually, as i will burst them in catacombs to try and get shards and other drops. Just like you have the list of all tasks available, (i think its a skip queue), would it possible to have a stop condition where you can say stop the bot if you get any of these tasks? It would effect be the same as the skip condition, but rather than skip, it just stops
  8. I have been watching at drakes and found where it is going wrong, it right clicks the ring of wealth which is in the invent, presses rub and then just circles the camera, but because being attacked it can't do anything and then dies
  9. To be fair I didn't see it at start of the bot go, but it wasn't dodging fireballs whilst cannon was still running, it then picked up the cannon and just stood there rotating the camera but it said had found the path. I teleported it to the bank, and it did two cycles of the bank process I spoke about. It definitely didn't eat as I was 10hp by the time I let it do the second run
  10. I have ferox chosen as my healing pool. It was rebanking the food it withdrew not eating it, and then rebanked everything. It just didn't seem to be dodging any fireballs and was taking the damage. I shall clear hooks etc and try again, still loving the script
  11. Luckily i came back and noticed it, the bot used to dodge drake attacks etc, but it isn't anymore is this normal? It then picked my cannon up and got stuck on "found path from server", and then just stood there rotating camera, i managed to take over and tele at 5hp. I have then restarted the bot in the bank with health low, it removes everything from the bank with food being the last thing. It then clicks eat piece of food in the invent with the bank open which puts the food back in the bank, the debug then says [Banking] We need more food, will bank, it then rebanks everything a
  12. I've noticed this twice now, it keeps timing out at werewolves due to no xp in certain time and there is food in invent. I think it isn't banking during this task. Restart the task and rather than going to the bank it is next to, goes to ferox, g.e buys more teleports then teleports back to ferox to heal, then back to werewolves
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