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  1. Is there an issue with the walking, theres been a few times its got stuck at port sarim looking for NPC task black demons. And getting stuck on miscellania not finding the npc for the boat
  2. I came back to the bot and saw that I had been changed to a pvp world and kept clicking the gate to try and get out. There were also a lot of trapped bots doing the same thing Bit of a random one also, isit possible that on the paint, you could add clue scrolls? I like to do my clue scrolls when I get them so if i come back to the bot and see on the paint there is a clue scroll i can stop the bot and do it? Also, when you are doing the xp mode, even if you have soul bearer selected, it obviously won't loot the ensouled heads so it's pointless bringing it
  3. Agree, I think it may be a tribot issue being compatible. Flufee said was looking into it on dis odd. @Arkany idea
  4. Roger, I'm defo only using looking glass after the mass ban wave a couple of hours ago!. Obviously osbuddy is never gonna alter their settings so we can bot on it lol, is there anything that can be done on the script for LG users?
  5. Ye it keeps going from lowest zoom to mid and back. Is this an osbuddy issue or tribot?
  6. really struggling with looking glass, just sits at g.e spazzing out on setting zoom
  7. On looking glass it keeps going crazy when setting zoom when mining any of the rocks
  8. I am not going to risk using the bot client for quite a while now. Isit just osbuddy looking glass works with? If so that's not working at the min either
  9. @Arkdoes this work with looking glass? As I think after 24th that's the only way for a while to be able to bot on a client without ban?
  10. What sort of xp is everyone getting? I cannot get past 49k/hr with 85 colossol bag, first row of runes to be dropped. @Arkwhat do you get?
  11. Ah ok, it was where it right clicked to check world and just had a logout option, guess whole thing is broke haha
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