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  1. I work at a fair wage! Quests-------Skills-------Cmb Training Drop me a message.
  2. how much are you paying for srervice. ill ask my friend sysm the usual charge but we can work somthing out. i noticed u been waiting long time for a service
  3. you need 40m i got 40m
  4. thank you moiz.frost , did this service and got paid.
  5. 500k per account you supply. time to do them will be like 10-20 mins each
  6. phat kindly gave me this job and i was paid after i completed the service. thanks phat shock.
  7. my bad meant get a quote today
  8. i work here, give us a quote today!
  9. i can do this order. i work for sysm mno services here on tribot. message me for more info on tribot
  10. yes @mno is good. we got like 7 workers so we will most def do a good job for you.
  11. that is why i only trust the people that actually work for tribot, i mean like yohojo and ericks gold selling places. they never scam in anyway. oh yeah even marley. if you ever need a good gold seller marley is real good and friendly.
  12. bought off marley thanks man
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