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  1. id rather not spend that much, already losing 18m to scales EDIT: turned out i was shooting blowpipe on accurate not on rapid. Now its on rapid and im getting 103K range exp an hour
  2. go and make a custom game first, enter it and leave it again. Once youve done that start the script and it will do the custom game youve made before.
  3. absorption method with rockcake? did you use any prayers? and why does the bot put the blowpipe on accurate and not rapid?
  4. im doing Khazaar warlord, Bouncer, draynor vampire, tree spirit and the bear (forgot his name) all on normal mode
  5. First 3 hours in im getting 87K range exp an hour with full void, blowpipe with mith darts, archers ring i and ava's. Any tips on getting more exp an hour?
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