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  1. Nice will be usefull for like every script !
  2. Cold-A-Muse

    Eska AutoPath

    nice that you used Neil's gui I am also team ExZo woop woop
  3. omg man this is soo cool keep up it . Pure sex <3
  4. Nice Good luck on further development !
  5. Thanks. This will probably be released on Tuesday. Sounds great ! I'll be back this saturday so hopefully can create something easy like an AIO Fletcher !
  6. Nice TRileZ especially the last one i really like Will make most scripts alot easier to make ! Are those added in the new version of TRiBot ? any eta for the version ?
  7. Damn man you're awesome ! It looks very cool already keep up the good work !
  8. Open source scripts for the win Well at least the easy ones
  9. False even if it works it can still be horrible code...
  10. okay thanks for the responses all TRiLeZ if you could make a textures api that would be fucking hawt <3
  11. Every pbot/rsb user knows what i mean
  12. I was wondering if somebody could write api for widgets/api recognition as almost every script would need this When this is done expect alot scripts from me Cheers C-A-M
  13. ziet er zeer netjes uit Great job !
  14. first working OpenGL script Good job! I think i will make a Simple Crafting script soon
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