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  1. Been 2 days since he said I can get a refund, I may still get it, at this pace though.. I would like to gt a different fighter with the credits, maybe Ill try the experiment fighter or such. Just don't want to wait to see if I get an answer or not, Ive seen him online twice since =[
  2. Yes, working on it, babies feeding so I have to do it one step at a time haha
  3. Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/23630-combat-jjs-aio-fighter-pro-abcl-8-6-per-3-instances/ Price you paid for script: 6 credits How many auths you bought: 1 Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: Had agreed if bones to peaches wasnt an option I would be able to get a refund, Told him I didnt have the levels, and have not got a message back since, been 2 days now...
  4. How do we double check to see if this is a "2 day ban" or not?
  5. Just got two accounts permenately disabled yesturday afternoon, one for using a premium fisher, the other for a premium thiever.
  6. I have 3 point warnings on my account, I am requesting removal of them for I have been warned, punished, and it has been multiple months spread since my third. This is an example of the warnings I have received: 25-November 13 Posting in Wrong Section 1 Crimson I wish to have my record cleared so I may one day hopefully apply and become a mod, or atleast not have this to look back at. I do not know what my other 2 warnings were for, however, I can assure you it was nothing major. I cannot see who gave me those warnings either, its been that long, atleast a year or so ago since warnings 1 and 2.
  7. For the people having trouble mixing, it says under FAQ what to do. Exmaple : Attack Pot Enter: Line1: 249 Line2: 227 Line3: -249 line4: -227
  8. Master thiever if your only looking for 100k an hour the one im using is only 4.99 in repo
  9. Don't bot on a level 3 account, have a decent rs name, do a couple quests, (there are scripts that can help with the quests), and try and switch up your skills every so often. Don't run more then 3 accounts, enable breaks in client,
  10. price on: lunar diplomacy, lost city, and shilo village? those 2 sub quests are the only ones left
  11. if your training melee youll be ok, if your ranging, make sure you dont run out of chins or what not.. it sucks.. :/
  12. Price on lunars, and both karajama pre-quests and animal magetism? 47 attk, 48 str,45 def, 67 hp, 94 mage, 79 range, and 52 prayer
  13. Bought multiple upgrades, tribot vips, and repo credits from Violent, In my oppinion user is one of the most trustable people Ive yet to meet online. Thanks for all the assistance Violent and keep up the great work!
  14. bluecrown


    Rs 07 membership available mate? I don't use skype however your obviously pretty trusted, shoot me a message with location and if your available for a trade though
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