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  1. lol on the trial version it's catching all the imps even though i unticked the ones i dont want. it keeps catching baby imps and stuff lol?
  2. Hi, i have the lifetime membership for this script and it keeps saying this. I only run one account. Any fix? [23:15:15] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0 Edit: Nvm script is working fine, ran for 10hrs without any problems today
  3. im trying out the trial version atm, does the script choose prices for u automatically based on the osbuddy buy/sell thing? seems to be working decent at the moment.
  4. Looking to purchase this and this keeps happening in the trial version..
  5. got 96 str on a 5 attack acc in a month and a half suicide botting then got banned haha lasted way longer than i thought, sick script
  6. seen people with 90+ before not sure about 99
  7. just hits more often than 1 attack and yeah it's pretty slow exp imo running it 24hrs a day or 8 hours a day won't make a difference
  8. @benosborne using tri experiments. yes using looking glass too
  9. yeah 24 hours a day for a month and a half straight lol. thanks. (it was 15k str exp per hour)
  10. Managed to get 96 str on this obby mauler I've been botting for the past month and a half (24hrs daily) It got banned yesterday which was sad to see but anyway it was a good run so close but yet so far away. Lasted longer than I expected thats for sure
  11. loving the script man! just wondering, how can i logout of the game? can't figure it out tbh
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