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  1. I do agree with this and that's why In the first portion of the worksheet I have kept the trade amounts of each item in the table. Though, with the overnight flipped items I removed the traded amount as all the items listed are heavily traded items.
  2. Added a new feature of it having overnight flipping items. This shows you the lowest & highest price throughout the day with the margin and profit % as before. Also adjusted the Profit % formula for to not just use the stated highest and lowest prices. Here is a look:
  3. Personally, I would love to sell it but I'd want to add a few more things to it as well. Those things including a list between 75-100 items of quality items to flip with all the margins and so on. I'm going to work on it a bit more and let you know!
  4. The flipping portion is done manually. As I said it's just a tool that I made that will automatically gather the most recent price data from the game and show me the margins from each item
  5. I hope this is the right section, but I thought I'd show this off and see what people think of it! •Basically all this is, is an excel document which fetches the live prices from the game and the quantity currently being sold/bought at the time you refresh. It also is able to sort the items to show what is currently giving the best returns or worst returns. •There is a total of 24 items right now, which more will be added in the future. These 24 items are usually the items I use personally to flip. •Finally, there is a flipping log added into the final worksheet of the document which I have to enter in manually to record the log. Profit, Total Profit, Number of Flips and Profit per Flip are all done automatically. •An overnight flipping tool to show you the lowest & highest prices throughout the day. Profit % was adjusted for this to allow for an increase in the minimum price. Items with Margins: Top Percent Items: Flipping Log: Overnight tool: Thanks for looking
  6. Watched the script run a bit longer. Noticed that it really struggles with the prayers for jad stage atm. Don't really know how else to explain it. But yesterday when running, Was getting ~13-14 kills/hr with maybe 1 death. Now I am down to 7-8 kills with 4 deaths/hr. Also, I have deleted the full .tribot folder after the update
  7. Seem to be dying alot more since the update. 3 deaths within 45 minutes on a maxed main.
  8. This is true. It just teleported me to the docks and that was it.
  9. Hey mute, What happens when there is another player in the same chin spot? Will the bot find a new spot or hop worlds? Or does it just stay put at the same spot?
  10. Well.. it worked good, left it alone for a bit, i came back and had 28 def. Goodfight my 1def pure.
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