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  1. Nope it just gets removed from ur sdn, time continues it'll still expire in the next 5 days iirc.
  2. Seems like the bot does nothing after completing a break, recent issue though was working perfectly fine before the ds2 update, did anything break?
  3. Was wondering is it possible to increase the time limit between account creation? Maximum is currently 60mins, possible to set it to like 3hour per acc or so?
  4. I think the tutorial was updated with a new dialog at the final part (The mage), whereas it asks if you're interested to become an Iron man, the script continuously gets stuck at that part since I'm assuming you're not aware of that yet.
  5. Tohan


    No unless you have previously botted or RWT-ed on those accounts.
  6. Would be a miracle if u even get to 70 :feelsbad:
  7. Funny no1 said 99 in cabbage picking yet
  8. U clearly forgot 99 woodcutting in f2p
  9. Wasn't your tribot account 'hacked' too? I remember you contacting me via tribot for a large quest order, made me do several skills and went MIA completely, and if I recalled you were tryna get a 1 year membership pin off someone too.
  10. Edited, post above already linked it to you, posting at the same time lol ftw.
  11. Damn this guy went from a failed gold farmer to a lowkey entrepreneur
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