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  1. Figured all this out. Used Widecap to load OSBot using Proxy and running Tribot with proxy. Thanks all. Just need to figure out how to enable HMD now.. Got LG working.
  2. Can't get the OSBuddy.Jar file to work. When I drag it in says it's not a valid exe or shortcut. Can drag in the legit JagexLauncher.exe however Nevermind - Workaround is to just create a shortcut to the .JAR file and drag that in.
  3. Cool thanks. Just bought a proxy and VIP-E. If I'm running the Tribot client with a proxy at startup do I need to proxy with proxifier anywhere else? Reading conflicting views.
  4. Just a quick question before I purchase VIP-E and some proxies. Can you use LG with Proxies? If yes, how? Since I know it runs within the client itself. Wouldn't you have to hook up the client to a proxy?
  5. I've got a few accounts that are basically fresh I'd like to do. So I'd presume Combat #1 get them to a decent level then do random skills for money / quest reqs.
  6. Also, does anyone have info on LG? I'd only be looking to do VIP-E with LG and HMD. Kind of need info on LG/HMD.
  7. Seems that way. Anyone recommend any particular scripts?
  8. Okay so I've been following this site since my initial post. Looks like the bot and LG are back on! Anyway to check on the old Scripts I'd purchased? Had quite a few.. Or are they all phased out by now.
  9. What is the current state of this bot? Current state of LG? (I believe it's down, how long has it been down if so?) Current Ban Rate with VIP-E / LG on this bot using only Premium scripts? I'm a member of another community running at 0 bans (knock on wood) since my return. However I had probably 3 of the best scripts I ever had with Tribot. (Obtained top 100 RC, Max Combat on 2 accounts, and like an insane amount of SW/PC games completed) Doesn't look like my old premium scripts (had quite a few) even show up anymore in my old scripts; guess all got removed for not getting updated? Been 3+ Years.. Any info is helpful. Would like to come back and help grow the community.
  10. Very nice script... but Banned within just a few hours of using it.
  11. PERFECT. Used this to create 2 accounts; as one got banned within 24 hours. You're amazing, this does Tutorial Island start to finish with zero issues. Though I'd suggest giving the option to Create an Iron Man account. Probably not something many people do but I wanted to use this scripted when creating my legit Iron Man profile.
  12. Script works very well at Stalls. Will test using Pick Pocket method shortly. Thank you so very much!
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