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  1. Yea it works normally it happens randomly and it was working for the past month but recently started happening a few days ago, it happens even if I only launch 1 client idk why this happens edit; I see why it happens when using gcs for some reason it clicks looking glass before openosrs actually fully loads
  2. Yea I am and It will happen even if I launch 1 account at a time it might be because my pc needs to update but that shouldnt be an issue
  3. ty how do I fix the issue of tribot not finding openosrs? I have been getting it quite a bit lately
  4. That day I stopped the script to train my accounts, and yesterday you can see I posted on ur scripts post saying that exact issue that I said was happening 4 days ago, and I also checked discord my settings are like that, i'll run it again and see what happens tomorrow
  5. 1. @Netami 2. 3. Date purchased May 5th 2021 4. 1 month 1 instance 5. 6. Ge restocking asked him about this is his discord, 4-5 days ago thought it would be fixed by the time I trained my rcing accs (today) I try to run the script and just keeps spamming failed to walk attempt, I restocked myself and the bot kept teleing to edgeville until it ran out of glory charges then just stopped https://pastebin.com/iAuhVMqz
  6. status on restocking go to ge and bot debug keeps spamming failed walk attempt? yea the bots walking is messed up client debug saying Dax walk failed to obstacle and it just sits there in the abyss
  7. how do i make an argument to load my profile? I tried settings: and profile:
  8. could you add something that lets me know how many instances of something I have?
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