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  1. Need around 10 medium- large private scripts to be made for me over the next few months. As soon as 1 script has been made I will make payment for the next script to be started if your shit at a replying and unable to stick to the agreed completion dates, then please don’t bother messaging me. looking for serious scripts and willing to pay serious money
  2. [10:39:45] TRiBot 10.19.4 loaded. (1.8.0_221:C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_221) [10:39:45] Launching Client from Boot File [10:39:45] Loading human mouse movement data. [10:39:47] Successfully loaded human mouse data. [10:40:11] C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\.tribot [10:40:11] Failed to auto-start script "nRestocker" (USER NOT FOUND). === I guess I have the wrong script name?
  3. I hit launch accounts, it opens up the tribot windows but no script ever starts. I put nRestocker in the script name section, is that correct?
  4. Is this still working? I tried it with you restocker script, and the actual script did not start. Thank you
  5. just bought it for 2 instances at a time, anyway I can upgrade that please?
  6. ran into a few issues. 1) does not purchase enough leathers for 1-31 crafting (roughly 30 short) 2) unable to charter a ship to ardy for the sea slug quest. just stands next to the ship and paces back and forth 3) withdraws food for the fishing contest, when the bot goes to start the quest it does not pick up the fishing ticket since there is to many items in the inventory. the bot carrys on running. on my first account, the script kept running until near the end of the quest. i then had to manually take over. after the quest was completed, i tried to manually restart the remaning few quests. the display kept saying locating a bank while the camera just span in circles. tried to restart the script 15-20 times in different quest start locations and banks. no luck. finished all prequests by hand. now running the script on my 2nd account, avoided the first issue by manually buying more leathers, avoid the 2nd issue by manually picking up the fishing contest ticket. i was interested in running this script on 80 accounts, but it really does not sound fun baby sitting that many accounts...
  7. Is it possible for the script to complete all tasks on one account and then log into the 2nd account and repeat?
  8. Could you add save prefixes? and do I have to type the hosts name in both pop ups or just the 2nd one? thank you
  9. Great script, defiantly worth the investment. Got my account to 2100 total using a few of his scripts and most recently 99 herblore before jagex banned me for the 1 tick pray osbuddy plugin lol.
  10. I want one account to host, but I do not want that account to make tabs. is this possible?
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